In just 24hrs since the last video, a full kale plant has popped up and the roots are sitting comfortably in our reservoir! Time to pH the water and add a light nutrient solution to keep our seedlings growing strong!

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Starting Seeds for Hydroponics: pH Water and Add Nutrients

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  • Cassie Johnston

    New to the hydroponic system game, how often should you add nutrients to yoursystem? I have the PH down pat but wasn't sure about nutrient situation…

  • Lit' AHSr.

    the water can really see right threw it, all of the youtube video say to get it dark does it really matter? they always say that it will get algae I saw your "Epic Gardening Hydro Herbs Final" you said to not get it to dark coz of the heat and u said recommenced to paint it white but then I scrolled down a little more then the picture that you painted it with tan and dark gray so whats going on?

  • Dan Roy

    A headsup, u might consider a lapel mic for future vids, it eliminates echos & the "bathroom effect" ( vid producer's term for echo sound from another room ) I strived to make the best vid possibly & my editor mode always comes to the forefront when i view a" teaching vid" (& it is a teaching vid) 3 vital things stand out to make a good vid; Lighting ( angles & intensity) Sound (volume & clarity) Camera ( shots & scope )..the object for YouTube or any teaching vid is to convey in a clear, easy to hear/view transfer of knowledge to us the ignorant ones ( not a putdown, just a fact, I'm ignorant of hydroponics! ) Your vid is pretty good but for the sound quality.. lapel mics are cheap & they'd make your next vid a Primo, Good Luck!

  • janet

    hey Kevin, is it ok if i put the nutrients first and then PH down my water afterwards like 3 days after putting the nutrients? i order my PH down solution but i didnt get yet.

  • Jon Green

    Hey Kevin, love the video. Just starting out so of course, I have 1 question…On a small home made system such as this, I would think without a water filter or a system that circulated water in and out, would the water eventually become stagnet? Like a fish tank needs cleaning, how about the water tub? Is it the same on larger system?
    Thank you Kevin.. was just what I was looking for.
    Cant wait to become an expert someday

  • Alex O

    For anyone watching what he just did NEVER do that, when you add nutrients into your water they change the PH balance by a lot in my experience it will take water that's 6.6PH down all the way to 4.3PH. Yes it's THAT kind of change, so don't ever PH your water then add nutrients, that's a good way to mess up your PH balance and get decimated plants. Add your nutrients, do not PH balance the water, check your water an hour after you've added the nutrients to see in which direction the PH is going, if it's low and it's coming up wait for it to come up as high as it can naturally and then balance it out, otherwise what will happen is you'll balance it right there and the PH will keep going up and you'll come so far out of range that you'll have to chemically balance it out wasting a ton of PH up and down.

  • David Gray

    An effective way to grow plants and fruits without toxic chemicals with hydroponics system is taking full advantage of hydroponics pro, no need to try and fail such as them before!

  • Epic Gardening

    @andrewshooter You can, but it depends on the type of plant.  Even leafy greens will have a tough time surviving in this if you plant every pot because they'll start to crowd each other out.  If you go baby greens style, it'll work.  But it's probably best to transplant into a more spacious system.  Check out my herb guide on my site for that layout and thanks for the kind words!

  • Andrew

    You have the best hydroponics tutorial on Youtube!  I am just wondering about a couple more things – is it ok to leave the plants in these baskets and in this size of container, or should they be transplanted to a larger container with larger baskets once they start to really grow?