Starting our 2020 garden with a GreenStalk Vertical Garden Planter and some ProHex seed trays. Our Handmade Soap & Woodwork: GreenStalk: GreenStalk on Amazon: Handheld Pump Sprayer:

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We’re a small family who moved out of the city in 2015 and set off on a new journey to build a homestead from scratch on one acre out in the country of the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. We handcraft many items and goods that are for sale on our website and locally at select small businesses. Your support is greatly appreciated by all of us!

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“And I beheld when He had opened the sixth seal, and, see, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood”

(Revelation 6:12). “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows”(Matthew 24:7–8).

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Starting Our 2020 Garden with a GreenStalk Vertical Garden Planter

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  • Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Long

    Put the empty box first then apply the soil later…so you don't have to waste your energy to lift up a whole box like that (its weight might be ~20kg)

  • n mc

    I just saw the part where you tied it to the post pretty tightly so it looks like it would be a pain to rotate. I'll watch the rest of the video to see if you figured it out.

  • Susan Jones

    "Well there's something else we can use for something else." Love it and I know exactly what you mean. I am sold on the planter. Ordering today. Thanks for your awesome videos!♥️

  • Mary Lou Mulloy

    You two are just too cute! Love that planter and I need to check it out!
    Cooking videos yes!!!! Your soap? The BEST! I love it absolutely totally!
    Two orders now and trying to find a reason to stock even more. LOL Christmas is coming right? 🙂
    Hint……I hang the soap in an open weave netting bag and with the draw string I hand it on a towel hook and it makes the bathroom or the closet smell delicious! Just saying! Yummmm The lilac and floral's are so amazing in a fresh bathroom feel or a ladies drawer even for finer things to keep them smelling fresh……….absolutely love it so I use it as a drawer scent/sachet as well.
    Keep the soap coming Angela and we will be enjoying it for a long long while, I am!!!


  • Rebecca Peterson

    My child packed this box for you! He's been able to go to work with his dad a little more during this time. He really loves it!

  • Through My Kitchen Window

    Oh Starry, I am so glad I watched this video. I hope you are doin well.
    I am waiting for my Green stalk planter to arrive . Two 3 tier planters coming.
    What a great idea to fill with lighter ingredients in the center. I can't wait to see how this works for me.
    I am more known for cooking than growing food but recently started gardening with my grand kids.
    I was married for 20 years to the first husband and he was the gardener and my second husband I was 10 years had a fabulous green thumb.
    This last spring was my first year doing a really small garden on my own, from seeds the grands and I sowed.
    My property is so full of trees and shady areas. so it is a challenge.

  • Linda Spade

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I purchased a Green Stalk tower last night and they are running sales on them. If you are thinking about purchasing one, now would be the time. And the STARRY code, which is $10.00 off, still works. Thanks, Starry.

  • Carol Conner

    Starry Starry, I really enjoy our visits. I don't feel like I am the only person that lives alone. You are so right about our foods and the temple we live,in. I have 2 stents in my heart and an abdominal stent reinforcing a AAA aneurysm. Drs have done good work. I attribute it to a stressful married life then divorce. I feel better than I did 30 yrs ago. I am 68 now. Looking forward to living on the farm and loving God and my dog. Keep on Sister friend.

  • D K

    I used the 'STARRY' discount when purchasing my 5-tier green stalk grower a month or so ago. It's already doing a better and faster job of growing tomato and pepper plants than in the raised beds. Will definitely add another next spring. Thanks for the excellent recommendation!

  • KC

    This question has nothing to do with the video…my question is about rendering fat. Lol. I dont see myself shooting a bear anytime soon. ☺ so what is a healthy lard we could use in SHTF? I am in a northern region and need to take that in consideration. Thanks

  • SouthernLadyWithManyHats

    I just love the fact that you seem so much happier and seem to have had a weight lifted off your shoulders. <3 LOVE I have been canning dill pickles most of the day. Got 18 quarts of them. JUST sit down to rest. I canned 8 half pints of tomatoes yesterday. The reason I did half pints was because we do low carb and can't eat a lot of them at a time and this will be the perfect amount. I also did a quart of okra lol (remember you from the conference) and that one is for the freezer. We do not like processed okra, it's mush. 🙁 Then day before that I did us 4 jars of hot pepper. Going to be good with some turnips and pork chops. 😀 Glad you're enjoying life sis!!! OPPS forgot the 1/2 gallon of pickles I did today to. lol Going to stick those in the fridge for a friend to give to her.

  • Stephanie Corporandy

    Hi from McCall……this is very helpful… house hangs off the side of a mountain and I have very little room to grow a regular garden. I've been planting in flower containers with limited success….I think I will try this. If nothing else I'll have more space on my deck and wont have to walk the skinny path through the plants…haha.

  • DataSeeker

    Hi Starry, not a regular subscriber but felt compelled to just write a brief note of encouragement. Your sense of loss/pain comes thru in your videos, but your strength of spirit and your faith come thru even stronger! You will come thru your challenges on the other side even stronger than before!

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