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Learn How We Got Into Our First WholeFoods Market! FREE Access To Our 3D Models, Financials, & Vendor List: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsStarting An Indoor Vertical Farming Company: What To Grow (6/12)Starting An Indoor Farming Company: Organic Fertilizers (9/12)Starting An Indoor Farming Company: Intro To FarmBox (1/12)Start An Indoor Farming Company: Packaging (12/12)How To Start An Indoor Vertical Farming CompanyHow To Start An Indoor Vertical Farming Company

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  • Joe Swartz 3 months ago

    Wow. Talking about what to look for in an industrial building, without even discussing basic accommodations for horticultural environmental control? That's Crop Production 101. We are talking about serious elementary school stuff. Also, you might want to stop dropping F-bombs in your presentation.

  • Yazan Jarjoura 3 months ago

    How can we get your contact details, as the link does not work.