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Watch this free webinar here: Planning a greenhouse can take some hefty coordination as farmers find suppliers, plan out the growing equipment they need to accomplish their business goals, and design a space and workflow for their farm. To make things easier, we put together pre-planned greenhouse kits for small farmers. More about ZipGrow Greenhouses here: Interested in starting a hydroponic or aquaponic greenhouse? Click here to check out some of our greenhouse options: Related PostsStarting An Indoor Farming Company: Intro To FarmBox (1/12)Phytopod 4 – Vertical Growing System – IntroStarting Seed for the Hydroponic GreenhouseVertical growing systems intro | Vertigrow SystemsVertical Aquaponics System use Bamboo Towers in Greenhouse to Increase Production 10xStarting A Vertical Farming Business: Assessing Profitability (4/12)

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