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Hi everyone this is episode 1 of my new series on starting a vegetable garden, I’m starting from the beginning with a patch of weedy grass land and I’m going to be turning it into veg patch, I’ll be taking you along with me step by step. I hope you find this video useful Keep an eye out for episode 2 coming soon. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsStarting a Fall Vegetable GardenStarting a Vegetable GardenVegetable Garden Tour & Tips 1/28/18: My Grow Closets, Tips for Seed Starting, Herbs, My Video SetHow to garden: Starting a Vegetable GardenStarting a Vegetable Garden – Gardening Tips From Canadian TireSeed Starting Containers: 10+ Ideas for Vegetable Gardening -Quick Tips

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  • Eccentric Nature 3 weeks ago

    Oof! Hard work. Hope the weeds don't come back.

  • Erica's Little Welsh Garden 3 weeks ago

    You make that turf removal look so easy!

  • Backyard Gardening 3 weeks ago

    The soil looks really good. Good job friend

  • Allotmental 3 weeks ago

    That brings back memories of when I first got my plot 7 years ago, a 10 pole jungle 🙂

  • Allotment Grow How 3 weeks ago

    Your soil looks lovely and rich. Should be able to get some decent results when growing in that. Cheers Adam

  • Ronald Shaw - Car Park Growing Area 3 weeks ago

    Hi Kit, You did a great job there creating a new veggie bed well done my friend I look forward to seeing you produce growing, Thanks for sharing Kit, Take care.

  • Greta's Garden 3 weeks ago

    Nice new bed Kit. Your soil does look good!

  • Terry King's Allotment Gardening On A Budget 3 weeks ago

    Nice soil Kita and well worth the extra effort.

    ♻️Happy Gardening……..♻️Terry King ♻️

  • Cheryl’s Organic Food Forest 3 weeks ago

    Great job! It reminds me of what I’ve done in the past. I slowly removed all the grass in my backyard. I don’t have any grass; just wood chips. I enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing. Happy Gardening!☺️

  • What I grow, NL allotment 3 weeks ago

    That didn’t take much time, nice job! Cheers Joyce