Starting a 8K/year Pig Farm Business (from Scratch)

How much can you make with a pig farm? Alluvial farms earned 8K in revenue in 2020—a massive growth from where they started in 2016. We’ll get the owners’ insights into modern pig farming in this video.

Katie Pencke and Matthew McDermott had extensive farming experience before buying Alluvial Farms, but they still had to learn how to raise pigs. They started a small pig farm in 2016 with 10 animals, growing to 120 animals once they’d perfected their technique to raise hogs.

Today, we’ll hear Matthew and Katie’s advice on pig farming for beginners. They’ll talk through their initial costs, what equipment is necessary for indoor pig farming, and how much land you’ll need for outdoor pig farming.

Alluvial farms has their own breeding program, but not all pig farms do. We’ll hear the pros and cons of breeding on site and what it takes to put that infrastructure in place.

Along with pig farming, Alluvial Farms grows feed grain and other crops on their land. We’ll learn the advantages of this diversified approach and what kind of costs and labor that adds.

Along with that, we’ll get the inside scoop on how to start pig farming, including the types of organizations to reach out to for funding and support and what day-to-day life really looks like for a modern farmer.

If you want more info on farming for beginners after watching this video, check out our other video on starting a farm. And if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can buy a farm for sale suitable for raising pigs with these listings. For more info on Alluvial Farms you can head to their website,

If you want to learn how to start a pig farm completely from scratch, this guide is for you:

Want more? Check out the following episode we’ve done on farming:


0:00 Intro
1:45 Meeting Pig, Grape and Hemp Farmers Matt and Katie
3:08 Initial Investments
4:53 Farm Land Needed
6:10 Feeding and Advertising
7:45 Farm Expenses
9:04 Monthly Farm Budget
11:20 Expected Revenue and Growing Revenue
12:27 Community, Conservation and The Environment
13:22 Sampling The Product and Meat Processing
14:39 Animal Numbers Overview
15:40 Farm Product Breakdown
16:43 Hemp and Grap Industries
18:44 Day To Day Farm Life & Future Expansion Plans
20:51 Farm Equipment
22:03 Farming Revenue Numbers, Finishing and Harvesting
23:44 Growing Certified Organic Grain and Feed
24:42 Detailed Equipment Review
27:41 Farming Skills, Knowledge and Training
29:45 Social Media
31:14 Why Do Small Farms Fail
33:07 Website, Sales, COVID-19 Pandemic, & Custom Shares
34:54 Farming Challenges
36:22 Advice
38:18 Outro

Starting a $188K/year Pig Farm Business (from Scratch)

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