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Squash roof – food forest. Prolific squash is called Thelma Sanders…awesome sweet smooth flesh like sweet potatoes…also a great keeper. Living Roof, California Academy of Sciences San Francisco, California Produced by Pavel Petrov Directed by Ken Woodall One of San Francisco’s first sustainable building projects, the new California Academy of Sciences supports a stunning 2.5-acre green roof. Emphasizing habitat quality and connectivity, the project is expected to receive LEED Platinum certification. The building’s architectural team, the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW), invited SWA Group and horticultural consultant, Paul Kephart of Rana Creek Living Architecture to collaborate on the design of the living roof. SWA Group provided full landscape architectural services for the living roof and site. RPBW’s concept lifts the natural landscape three stories up and places it on top of the building, creating a dramatic living roof. The vegetated roof’s contours conform to the facilities, offices and exhibition halls below—rising above the planetarium and the rain forest exhibit and lowering at the central piazza to introduce light and air into the heart of the building. The piazza is partly covered with glass to create a microclimate enabling year-round use. San Francisco’s mild climate along with the Academy’s commitment to environmental protection, provided an ideal opportunity to incorporate sustainable design strategies into the construction plan. Not only was energy efficient heating and cooling considered, but also green building materials, reduced site disturbance, seasonal irrigation and energy generation. Sustainability is integrated into the exhibitions as well, offering the public a chance to learn more about environmentally-sound design principles. Following Renzo Piano’s original concept drawing, the roof’s seven hills are intended to echo the seven major hills of San Francisco. Because the hills are as steep as 60 degrees in some places, and thus difficult to plant, extensive testing was done. The […]


Green Roofs


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  • Conscious Garden 4 years ago

    It is very impressive what you guys do. It is motivating. Thank you

  • Taryn Dicterow 4 years ago

    great job as always boys!

  • RarePiece ofMeat 4 years ago

    Green Roofs are such a great idea. Good for the environment, sustainable, and they look cool. Academy of Science's Living Roof is awesome. I've been to the Living Roof a couple times, need to take another trip soon!

  • MoreThan JustLove 4 years ago

    coooooool, love his voice. Beauuutiful shotsssss yay