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This is a learning experience for sure! I’m okay with that tho. It’ll just get better as I learn what I have to do for where I’m at. My grand baby is here for the week also, yay! Her and I had a blueberry. She loves them, that’s why I have the bush ;-). Learning how to also care for pest problems. Fingers crossed I learn before everything dies. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHomeschooling, Child-Led Learning, and Noah’s Square Foot GardenFilling Your Square Foot Raised Bed Garden with Soil from LowesHow to Plant 11 Tomato Plants in a Square Foot Raised Bed GardenGrowing Single Stem Tomatoes Vertically in a Square Foot GardenHydroponic Garden for profit at $918 per square foot, incomeGarden Update May 12, Raised Bed Square foot Vegetable Gardening Healthy Raw Food

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