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  • Oliver Borres 2 years ago

    Vielen Dank f

  • Ficeduld 2 years ago

    Suoer Doku. Danke.?

  • The Sustainable Prepper 2 years ago

    Really enjoyed this! If there’s an English version on yt would love the
    link. ?

  • Sandra Ring 2 years ago

    Und G

  • Norbert M 2 years ago

    very cool.?

  • Sandra Ring 2 years ago

    Alternative Stadtentwicklung
    Super Doku und wunderbar engagierte Menschen !!!?

  • AlboPepper 2 years ago

    This is my first year using 3 different techniques to grow fruit trees in
    my tiny yard. Each is a great approach in a limited urban environment.?

  • bo ter berg 2 years ago

    Hope they’ll fruit next year :o)
    On other vids on YT it’s mainly stated that a branch that has a sharp V
    shape is a weak branch that will probably break off from the main stem, and
    the wider the branches go, the stronger they’ll get.
    ALso, any branching inward to the tree tend to rub against other branches
    and will damage the bark.
    Just curious how you think about these statements :o)
    Cheers from Amsterdam !?

  • AlboPepper 2 years ago

    Now’s the time to plan your Spring plantings. Why not consider some fruit
    trees? You don’t need a lot of space. This video shows several techniques
    that work in an urban setting: Espaliers, Columnars & Backyard Orchard!

    #fruittrees #espalier #columnar #highdensity #urbangardening ?