Spider Plant Fully Hydroponic

This I created to show how easy it really is to grow a spider plant. The only thing I really did was give it water. I grew in an old cup with rocks and some water that’s it. I still have the plant its now in a bigger container doing the exact same thing.

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In this video you will find out how to plant cucumbers in hydroponic greenhouse- first stage.
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Spider Plant Fully Hydroponic

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  • Mutee Mehdi

    Hi there,
    Good job Vit. You seems a very learned person so have a few questions if you would be kind enough to answer.
    1. What is the distance between each pepper plant on the rockwool?
    2. Which pepper variety do you grow? And how long does it take for a pepper plant to reach flowering and fruiting from germination (first day sprout).
    3. How much fruit you get from the first season crop per plant.
    Thank you and have a nice day

  • Sheng Borth

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  • DubandDebs

    WHAT A SETUP you got there! Very interesting video. We want to see them once in production. What are the greenhouse dimensions? They looked HUGE, plus how many on site? Quite an operation you have going there! I AM IMPRESSED!

    You guys take care!

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