Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Rajya Sabha TV travelled to Israel to see its most successful venture that is agriculture! Its a special report in half an hour in English!
Israel: miracle in agriculture.

Anchor: Akhilesh Suman
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Special Report – Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

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  • John Jude

    I'm seeing your farming depends on multiple uses of plastic , Which is a big problem for your next generation. Because of the future is important, I don't like your system.
    Follow the carbon cycle I see it the world sullution.
    Your system is about today's feeding not future
    Plastic waste is the world problems,I pray India don't follow this plastic waste

  • Benjamin Gal-Or

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  • Ani Ikechukwu

    Israel can never import anything out from any country elohim gave them everything just like biafra people from west africa iam a biafra son

  • George Varghese

    Israel has become a example in all fields . . If Indians are taught to be enter prising and research printed and work as one class of people agricultural production will treble. Government see that there is fair market price. And not swirled by corporation. Buiness and middle men .
    By run

  • Moni chaudhary

    Israeli man is now concerned about Indian farmers after making Israel a agriculture miracle.
    This is the people to people relationship we have developed over the last few years.


    Israelites are God's own people. I'm proud I've once visited Israel.
    whether we could get a raining in agriculture there for a short period and also can we get some important plants??
    if so how to get it
    from Shobana, India

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