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  • haidee park 1 year ago

    yay one of my favorite music video ever

  • Rufina Gonsalves 1 year ago

    Is that the Han river behind them?

  • Aisyah Azman 1 year ago

    after watching i really wanna get to know them..

  • Wonho Angel 1 year ago

    15.989.020 monbebes, let's hit 20 M! We can do it ^^

  • 2pmSaranghae 1 year ago

    Jooheon reminds me of Zico not his face just how expressive he is when he raps.

  • Maya Wilkinson 1 year ago

    who's the one wearing the black and white shoes~~
    he's so cuteee

  • Taehyung Wang 1 year ago

    I like the one black.

  • Elizabeth Garcia 1 year ago

    I dress like how they dress in this video everyday

  • VlogsByJoli 1 year ago

    Jooheon the red head is so hot i love his angry face ugh imagine his face when he…oops lol nm =(^-_-^)=

  • Lauren Musgrave 1 year ago

    Kihyun fucked me up m8 could defo have his babies heart eyes

  • Veronica avalos bejarano 1 year ago


  • O Bias 1 year ago

    I'M DIE

  • Dance Prodigy NamJoon 1 year ago


  • Ilya Sanei 1 year ago

    I luv kihyun soooo much btw his the guy that with orange hair and I.M is the one rapping (brown hair)

  • Ilya Sanei 1 year ago

    Btw this is her sister

  • Ilya Sanei 1 year ago

    Kihyun is such a perfect boy his vocals oh my gawd im in love hahahahaha kihyun has been my bias ever since may14th 2015 and so has I.M such cuties