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Welcome to Spare time Gardening with Simon. May is Mental Health Awareness month and as a therapist I understand the benefits of Gardening and how it can really improve your mental health. Get out into your outdoor space, enjoy the fresh air and realise the benefits of gardening on your physical and mental wellbeing. Channel :-… Instagram :- Hey guys. Here are the benefits of Aquaponics gardening over conventional soil based gardening. So firstly we will look at the benefits then we will go into what you need to look at before you start your Aquaponics backyard garden. The benefits of an Aquaponics System are: 1. Due to the fact you will not be using soil there is no weeding. 2. Watering is eliminated because water is circulated automatically from the fish pond to the grow bed. Aquaponics use about 10% of the water used by conventional gardening. 3. All fertilizers are supplied by the fish waste being circulated through the grow bed. 4. Soil pests are eliminated, no soil is used in an Aquaponics grow bed. 5. Your fruit and vegetables will grow at least twice as fast as conventional gardening. 6. Energy use is a lot less, estimated 70% saving. 7. More plants in the same area, up to 10 times. 8. All fruit and vegetables are totally organic. 9. Extremely low cost of growing your plants. 10. You have fresh organic fruit and vegetables to pick as you use them Now what do you need to take into account when you are planning your DIY Aquaponics Garden? 1. What do you want to grow? It is important you know what plants you are going to grow so you know what size grow bed you need and how many fish you need to supply the […]

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