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A common question we get is “What’s the proper spacing for my ZipGrow towers?” (See more: In this video, Zi… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsQuick Overview of ZipGrow Indoor Vertical FarmingHydroponics Growing Technologies (Laboratory Tests, Vertical Farming and Aeroponics Vertical TowersTop 20: Vertical Farming – die optimale Revolution der Landwirtschaft?Smart Hydroponic Vertical Farming Systems by Plantekno® LED Grow Light TechnologyVertical Farming with Aeroponic Tower GardensA Group Of Youth Venture In Vertical Farming

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  • Nashah Yasharahla 5 years ago

    Does the two and a half feet spacing for each tower have anything to do
    with light exposure or is it purely for the convenience of having rows
    between the towers? ?

  • Shawn J 5 years ago

    Wouldn’t angling the hanging bars all 5-10 degrees to one side or the other
    allow for more light along the five deep mass configuration? You would have
    to go through them at an angle but it seems that you could take advantage
    of the light in the open spaces you currently use to walk through.
    Essentially you would be waking through them at the same angle that you put
    them. Of course you would have to also ante your catch trays…?

  • David Wood 5 years ago

    Hey Nate, thanks for this video. I had been wondering what the spacing was
    on your towers. Keep up the good work and I love watching your videos.?