In his interview with Max Goldberg of Organic Insider, USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue discusses many topics related to organic food, including the very controversial hydroponics in organic, fraudulent organic grains from abroad, the federal GMO-labeling bill, and the lapse of organic programs with the farm bill not being signed.
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Sonny Perdue Discusses Hydroponics in Organic

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  • Roseann D

    Let's see a rich capitalist..DOD you see his eyes glaze over when the commentator quoted from what is to be considered organic. All these turds put in these positions only care about getting richer and keeping their crony capitalism rolling along (agri business) What does his type care about health of the soil? Another vile disgusting greedy pig .."our concern is to feed everyone" whether it be poisonous, genetically altered, full of Glyphosate, hormone disrupting, cancer causing, soil depleting, barely considered a food…as long as we get rich doing it ..A-HOLE!

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