A bit blustery today, but we got lots of work done on the house – many thanks to Meitheal Group #1! And especially to Lisa and Madeline for an interesting discussion – mostly spent standing on the roof over our kitchen.

The roof has been changing over the years since we built the house, so this is a sort of marker for June 2017. If we looked at the same roof in a couple more months – or a couple more years – we’d see different things but it would be just as interesting.

The ants have made nests in some of the clumps of moss – or possibly it was the other way round and the moss has colonized the anthills. Either way, they both seem to be happy with the arrangement.

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Something Amazing Is Growing On Our Green Roof!

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  • Scranny

    maybe I missed something in your house construction video, but what is preventing those plants' root systems from creeping in to the roof and damaging the structure over time?

  • eveny119

    I just found you guys , such an interesting house. ,,. wondering what the roof is made out of to support all that weight..Did you do videos on the building of the house and tours of the inside? Ill check your older videos.

  • Barskor1

    Passive farming is interesting for some plant types that work well for your local environment you just plant an area let nature take its course and then harvest a percentage of it letting it spread and renew itself for those areas you have but don't really use as a garden or grazing. You can do this on empty public land "Guerilla Gardening" it is a nice food stock buffer for hard times.

  • Ginmaree

    So lovely, and fascinating! Will be very interesting to see how it develops!

    Would anyone mind identifying the flower is at 1:51…I have it in my garden, but I don't know what it is. I can't find it in my flower books. I was wondering if it was maybe some kind of onion or garlic, but the flowers never puffed out into a ball, they just drooped.

    I hope someday I know as much about plants as you two do! Going to have to study lots!

  • wongc32

    New to this channel and I have to say your house looks like something out of a fairy tale! Beautiful!
    I really liked how you guy talked about the different species of plants and mosses growing on it.
    I've also looked through a few of your other videos and for some reason I feel nostalgic watching them, like I've returned home despite living in the city for my whole life.

    I hope to visit Ireland one day.
    +1 Sub 🙂

  • Frank B

    I gave up on bees also. We have had "colony collapse". After 3 years I gave up. Also, I lost fruit trees and roses as I didn't dare spray anything for fear of killing the bees.

  • realdealdemon666

    Tim and Sandra I'm fascinated with your channel since way way back. when o when can I take a quick little day visit down to see your beautiful Irish Tropicana? I've 3 beautiful little daughters aged 4, 6 and 8 and I know it would be an amazing experience for myself, the wife and them. By the way your under no obligation either. If you guys are too busy that's okay.

  • Joe Serrano

    Way out West? I was thinking you're in Washington or Oregon, Northern Cali or maybe British Columbia, Canada, ah in the west of Ireland!!! Beautiful countryside ya all have, I remember a NatGeo article saying the land with the most shades of green is beautiful EIRE! It sure would be great to visit the Emerald Isle, especially since I've Irish in me, descended from an Irish guy with the lastname 'Scanlan',…well, thank you for the COOL tour of your rooftop garden, greetings from Mexico! 🙂


    Hi. I love your videos and I especially love your green roof! But I'm really interested in a comment you made in this one and that alluded to the fact that you're no longer a commercial beekeeper because of the increased rain. Please could you tell me more about this (castlecraghoney@fastmail.com). I am a beekeeper in New South Wales, Australia. Thanks!