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Thinkin’ Green is an environmentally-friendly roofing alternatives program presented by Tecta America Central Florida, LLC. It’s focus is to highlight environmentally-friendly roofing options that can help to save you money, as well as save the environment. Please visit our website at: Video Rating: / 5 Are white roofs the best? Perhaps the better question is: Why are there white roofs? They are sometimes required by Building Code in major metropolitan areas to help reduce the Urban Heat Island Affect. Due to this, there is a knee jerk reaction to install a white roof pretty much everywhere. What I’ve heard from new clients is this: they are concerned they were pushed into installing a white roof and selected a roof that lacks toughness, worried because the roof is so bright their employees need to wear eye protection, and disappointed to learn they were never made aware that there were many “white roof” options. The reality is that depending on your location, a dark colored roof may make sense. Every roof type has its attributes for why you’d select it for a specific application, not just the color. If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to explore roof system options, let me know. To learn more, contact me directly at 630-514-1867. Rolf Snobeck, RRC #RolfTheRoofingGuy, helping you make better #roofing decisions. Tecta America Commercial Roofing #innovation #nextnormal #tectaamerica #environment #urbanheatisland #sustainability #roof Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPanoromic view of our Green Roof, Tecta America – General WorksGreen Roof, Tecta America – General WorksElvis, Production Foreman for Tecta AmericaBEAUTIFUL DAY IN OHIO FOR A ROOF INSPECTION ALONG WITH Tecta America Commercial Roofing#BrunnoNoBs👊2020 Tecta AmericaENDETEC™  TECTA™, Automated Rapid Microbial Detection Systems

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