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Should you grow indoors in soil or hydroponics? We look at both setups and run through the good and bad points of both. In episode 1 we look at the Alien Pro RWDC (Recirculating Deep Water Culture) system and compare to a basic soil setup. Home Equipment: Alien Hydroponics Pro RDWC system Light: MIGRO 600 Tent: Bloom and Grow Box 1.5M x 1.5M (5×5) Nutrients: General Hydroponics part 2 FloraDuo, Canna Calmag, Vitalink PH up and down, Bluelab PH pen and Tuncheon nutrient meter. Related PostsAlien RDWC PRO GROW 2 1kg plants hydroponic system cannabisAlien RDWC PRO 1kg plants hydroponic system cannabis growAlien RDWC PRO hydroponic system cannabis growAlien Hydroponic Systems. DEEP WATER CURRENT – RDWCAlien® RDWC XL Hydroponic System Operation VideoAlien® RDWC hydroponic system operation video dwc

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  • Danny adams 9 months ago

    What’s the spacing between your pot centres on the rdwc alien system?

  • Slippy Slides 9 months ago

    What's the method to draining the Rdwc system?

  • Dirty D 9 months ago

    thats nice

  • Pittsburgh 412 9 months ago

    The alien is a nice setup. My only opinion is that your air pump and electronics should be off the floor and higher than the system. In case of a power failure, the water won't siphon back into the air pump

  • Playingwith3D 9 months ago

    I was getting better results with Hydro during the winter months, but it is far too hot here in the summer time. Temperature management wasn't practice. So I went back to organic.

  • Hammerback0 9 months ago

    9:43 out of an 11:47 video dedicated to a cluster fk. Why not just do an advertisement for the Alien thing? Pretty obvious what the “results” will be.

  • Southwest med grow 9 months ago

    That's a lot of piping I will stick with coco and fabric pots

  • jeff wolf 9 months ago

    I went back to soil because Hydroponics was too much work and far too expensive as far as the bills go plus all the materials and supplies you have to have like pumps heaters coolers sprayers all kinds of stuff air stones. With the lights I get it around 2 to $300 a month with the Hydroponics it was six to seven hundred dollars. I'm also disabled so the work of Hydroponics was too much for me to because it just everyday you were had to be down there for an hour and a half or else it be too much, a jungle and you wouldn't be able to do anything and you get disease and all kinds of problems from there.

  • Captain Planet 9 months ago

    You have your extraction set up wrong. Your filter is going to get clogged with dust. Do you grow?

  • Captain Planet 9 months ago

    Unfair test. Should be identical clones

  • ASH GAMING 9 months ago

    Very helpful, been scratching my head for past few hours lol

  • weeze Watkins 9 months ago

    thanks for all your videos. you have taught me a lot. peace.

  • weeze Watkins 9 months ago

    why not a 600 vs 600 to keep the test even?

  • Envy MYclosetGROW 9 months ago

    Grower's Love. Just subbed you up, and I hope you will do the same for me.

  • Jason Hansen 9 months ago

    Great video, great set up!

  • pete ward 9 months ago

    These lamps are amazing so two extra in one tent only one winner 5 lamps in each be better Shane

  • ceili 9 months ago

    Looking forward to this series

  • Bennie Lamb 9 months ago

    I think your soil pots are too narrow and deep as roots like to also spread. This is not a problem with hydro. Also your hydro setup has more wattage so the comparison isn't fair. Were you looking to do a fair comparrison?