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Soil and water are some of the most valuable resources for farmers. Farmers can apply their own skills to stay resilient through proven methods of soil stewardship. Farmer and rancher Gabe Brown, a 2012 NRDC Growing Green Award winner, is the owner of Brown’s Ranch in Bismarck, North Dakota. For over 15 years, Gabe has merged back-to-basics agrarian practices with innovative science-based sustainable farming techniques on his 5,400 acre diversified family ranch. In this video, Gabe explains how a few simple water-smart techniques have powerful effects on the health of his soil and crops. Read Gabe’s column on the transformation of his land from barren range to fertile farm: See NRDC’s Soil Matters report recommending a new blueprint for resilient farms that would reward farmers for their healthy soil practices: Take action and tell the USDA that soil health matters to our food future: In episode 16 of The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, Pa Mac demonstrates the basic ins and outs of growing a vegetable garden, including laying off rows, planting, and cultivating the garden plot using all types of methods: Human power, draft animals, tractors, and tillers. Learn a little about soil fertility and soil improvement using homemade fertilizers, dealing with threats to your garden plants (ever try to keep deer or crows out of your garden?), as well as three basic purposes of an organic vegetable garden for the small farm or homestead. Be sure and subscribe to the Farm Hand’s Companion channel to keep up with the progress as Pa Mac takes an undeveloped piece of property and turns it into a small subsistence farm. Watch for new episodes as often as Pa Mac can crank ’em out and still run a small farm. (As long as he’s alive and kicking, he’s most […]


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  • Zeeco 2 weeks ago

    Am I watching porn

  • Ceferino Cenizo 2 weeks ago

    Excellent video and info! Anyone know if Gabe has a website for his farm? Or how can one learn more about his operation?

  • Anita Marskamp 2 weeks ago

    Great!! Hugs and kisses from the Netherlands 🙂 

  • Organic Difference 2 weeks ago

    Great video.

  • Shane Hartley 2 weeks ago

    Best videos on YouTube.

  • starflite3 2 weeks ago

    Saw your new video notification in my in box and I said YES!. Been waitin on a new one. Did you ever finish the chicken coop or did I miss this video? Keep'em comin I enjoy them all and I even learn stuff.

  • Tamara Wheeldon 2 weeks ago

    I love all your videos!! Theyre funny, endearing and very informative!! Keep em coming!!

  • Jake S. 2 weeks ago

    Love the video's! I know its a lot of hard work, but keep them coming!

  • Michael Smith 2 weeks ago

    Best gardening video I have ever seen. For real

  • William M Casey 2 weeks ago

    Dear Pa:If you have any way of "getten" some wood chips ,mulch the garden with them.jUST LIKE GOD DOES IN THE FOREST!!!!

  • มาม่า hon 2 weeks ago

    I'm not sure about that.

  • inarainyplace 2 weeks ago

    i just discovered you and what a fantastic gift! I'm video splurging on all your videos. Thank You so much. I'm a new subscriber and so excited about watching. Love your content!

  • A. M. 2 weeks ago

    This was absolutely awesome! You were funny and informative at the same time,great video! God bless !

  • 50 shades of green 2 weeks ago

    this is one of the best video on homesteading and gardening i've ever seen !! superb

  • Jim O'Brien 2 weeks ago

    its been a while. I've missed your video's. glad to see a new one!!

  • Michael Jones 2 weeks ago

    Such a wonderful video as always!

  • mark! 2 weeks ago

    Ha-ha this guy is good. he made my day,
    You're funny though

  • John Bossnack 2 weeks ago

    another classic

  • Jen from Cornwall 2 weeks ago

    Cute x

  • A'Bama Gardener 2 weeks ago

    I just found this video and laughed so hard, I … (you know the rest). Thank you for making my Sunday

  • Jon Davies 2 weeks ago

    Really enjoyed this.
    Great stuff

  • Richard Schaffling 2 weeks ago

    Fantastic video

  • David Alzamora 2 weeks ago

    My Granddaddy always used to tell me, "Boy, you know why more things grow in crooked rows than in straight ones? Cause you can't plow '
    em straight?…