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At the Hortiindia workshop-cum-exhibition at Technology Park, Greater Noida, experts demonstrated innovative methods of food cultivation. Watch how horticulturists are able to obtain high yield of tomato by using effective greenhouse technology. (Audio in Hindi) Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)Suregrow Brand Soil-less Vertical Farming Technology CALL 9944018800 / 8807727789Soil-less sky farming: rooftop hydroponics on NYC restaurantHydroponics Farming and Soil-less Gardening by Peter ChegeSoil-Less Farming | Aquaponic Gardening – Growing Fish and Vegetables Together | Annapurna |TV5 NewsThe Future of Farming: Hydroponic Tomatoes

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  • mujeebzahir 1 year ago

    25 kgs per plant, 25 kgs in how many days please give this information.

  • TheGamingIndian 1 year ago

    What kinda of reporting is this? this is what happens when " 'Chacha' 'tau' Kaam pe lagwa do" happens.. So much useful things could have been reported here but the person gave no useful information. Good thing new people are coming in and these kind of reporters are quickly losing their jobs. The guy has no speaking skill and no reporters persona. Quality reporting is the key to the success of a news channel.

  • Rajendar Khiernar 1 year ago

    very n former

  • dhanraj batra 1 year ago

    Very good knowledge of New technologies in Agriculture

  • ArcadeCabNBud 1 year ago

    i speak fluent indian, no actually i dont

  • Darshan Solanki 1 year ago

    its very best way to gat profit with agri……..

  • mr tursino 1 year ago


  • Zishan Malik 1 year ago

    dont go against nature, its kill u,

  • Tushar Kathuria 1 year ago

    how does pollination takes place?

  • Rohan Parsewar 1 year ago

    how much will it cost per acre. kindly let me know at 8087695721

  • ranjoudh saelit 1 year ago

    Where is find the seed of this variety.

    Please reply on my Number 8175069388

  • ted chai 1 year ago

    where can get this seed???

  • TGMIP NZB 1 year ago

    Sir is it self pollinating seed and please send me Plant to plant spacing and Row to row.

  • TGMIP NZB 1 year ago

    Sir which type of Variety seed is using for Cherry Tomato and plz send me contact number

  • Sudhir Choudhary 1 year ago

    ndtv always unique… and no prestitute at all.
    love this news channel.

  • Basavaraj K 1 year ago

    It is much required to our country. As I am a horticulturist pl give me full address and name of the person for contact and if possible pl send Mobile or telephone number.
    I am from India Karnataka

  • BK Raju Pathak 1 year ago

    nagin teliflim by colurs

  • Meniana Teng 1 year ago

    OOouuuu Amazing, But I don't get the explanation , hmmmm A Hindi friend may help.

  • roccorostagno 1 year ago

    where do you grow your cannabis?

  • roccorostagno 1 year ago

    where do you grow your cannabis?