Farmers are suffering as the cold, wet spring has put a stunning halt to agriculture. Temperatures going down, greenhouses going up. Crop losses continue globally, and we must all be preparing for the times ahead.

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Start preparing today and enjoy abundance in the future.

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* Oehler’s and up underground house book

* He has a Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse book:



90% of Canada still covered in snow:

Historically cold April will mean Lower Yields (YUP):

Illinois — soil temp 11’F cooler than last year

Illinois Weather: Cooler Than Normal Soil Temps

COLDEST April since 1895:

China’s Passionfruit 50% loss to COLD AND WET:

Garden Professors blog

When spring is delayed

Eat Crickets, Please

While uploading this video, SDSU Extension published an article: “Cool and Wet Spring Slowing Down Planting Season 2018”

“Snowtill” – Coldest since 1895 – Planting On Hold – Farmers Miserable

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  • brownsheep

    Was that farmer in SD, named Gabe Brown? If so, he does videos on Regenerative Farming. Very smart guy! Check him out on Living Web channel! ♥

  • Christopher Boucher

    I find it threatening that such crucial information is actively suppressed, just like proven Power, Fuel and Engineering alternatives the PTB would rather see us succumb to the elements than use anything but "their" infrastructure.
    If you haven't already, Please consider posting your material to the alternative platforms such as Bitchute, Minds, GAB etc.
    At this rate it's pretty much inevitable anyway.

  • lmwrt

    In my country, some 45 years ago during fascism, they also reviewed everything that public was allowed to see. And now it seems that fascists are reviewing on YT also. So as they don´t want you to post videos about mushrooms as CO2 generators, then I will make a little more CO2 just on purpose, just because I don´t like the status quo and mainstream and tyrants. I will burn more wood and more fuel, as a matter of fact I am doing it right now….hiihihihih. It is great to see that many people today are informed pf things as that farmer proves with that great idea on breaking the albedo effect in order to maintain some of the soil warmth, also by revolving snow or putting something dark on it like soil dust, snow will melt. Keep up with the good work.

  • R FP

    here in Ontario Canada I grew up with a greenhouse, we always had a garden and 100% of our fresh veg during the period of mar-oct was food from the greenhouse then the very large field we had for growing all kinds of vegetables we even had a large field just for potatoes which we stored in a cold storage room in the basement that lasted us till feb/mar roughly. We canned/pickled /jammed all the vegetable and fruits we did not eat during the growing season. Our only need to buy groceries was pretty much that which we did not produce ourselves. The greenhouse was extremely important for us because it reduced the need to plant directly in the soil or have to wait for the weather, once the weather was good we transplanted the crops from inside to the fields. So yes you can remove about 80% of your grocery bill by this method even today.

  • R FP

    what people better start thinking about is what happens if the cold comes early this fall? That is going to mean crops not fully mature because of extremely late planting season. If the scientists that are not bought or too scared to speak up are right about solar minimum we are in deep trouble in the next few years as global food production drops dramatically. Already Australia is getting hit with way below normal start to their fall. Yep get ready for a roller coaster of a ride over the next 10 years people, save your money, do not go spend it crazy, read and learn how to grow your own crops and make make mason jar fruit & veg, dried food and vacuum seal for future months. Prices are going to start going crazy in the next year!

  • Nik Adamson

    Heard on the radio today that uk will be suffering from reduced food stock and higher prices due to BREXIT! What a joke. Had unusually hot week last week. Felt like peak summer heat in the start of spring! Craziness. The heat still didn't dry out all the fields from flooding though! Slowly prepping and trying to get ahead but I've got a feeling it'll be of no use with the way things are going. If the gulf stream stops then there's going to be some fighting!

  • Snow Bird

    They are spraying everyone with Chemtrails trying to kill us off making the earth poisonous and blocking the sun.

  • Christopher Best

    Canary in the coal mines is definitely crop yields/failures etc, thank you! Green houses are a 2D solution & are a good start as well as multi-tier greenhouses reflecting light is more long term. However I have been considering Arcology designs of a free standing agricultural structure, instead of another giant office building or condo… an actual 3D solution would be to construct a tier level field farm, with structural designs and new materials, it's theoretically possible to build rather tall, the total height an Arcology could be more relevant to the size of its base and wall materials could become a permanent solution as well as the bridge humanity needs to build into space with the centre of the Arcology being around new space elevator concepts. Food for thought.

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