D.I.Y Wall Planters Using Mason Jars

What you need?

4 Wooden Board or Chopping Board
4 Mason Jars
1 to 2 Old Leather Belts
Bunch of nails
Pencil or Pen
Pair of Scissors

1. Cut the leather belt according to the circumference of the mason jar
2. Measure the center of wooden board
3. Make the holder by fixing the leather belt to the center of the wooden board using nails
4. Fit the mason jar in the leather belt
5. Hang on your wall and add flowers

What’s your room decoration idea? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll do it in our next D.I.Y video!

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SMDC D.I.Y. Home Improvement Video Series : D.I.Y. Wall Planters Using Mason Jars

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