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Buy your kit at designs and sells beautiful looking self watering mini garden kits. The one shown in the video is their self watering mini herb garden kit. It ships all over India and comes as a ready to use kit with soil-less organic growing medium, seeds, seed template etc. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts⟹ DIY 55 gallon self watering vertical garden planter | How to build start to finish!Mini Indoor Garden – Self watering Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden; Small Herb GardenRepurpose Old CD Rack for DIY Self Watering Portable Vertical Herb Garden How to make Homemade withDiY How To Make A Vertical Self Watering Garden From a 55 Gallon BarrelSelf Watering Raised Bed Garden + More from 2017 National Hardware ShowiRSE Indoor Garden Kit, Hydroponics LED Growing System, 2 Self Watering Gardening Pots

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