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Cathy Erway is a New York food blogger. She’s wandering around the streets of New York, looking for new dishes and finding out how they’re made. Every recipe… Video Rating: 4 / 5 John from goes on a field trip to West Oakland to show you how the non-profit People’s Grocery is building the health of th… Related PostsCLICK & GROW SMART GARDEN UNPACKING AND SETUP | urban and indoor gardening The Daily WondersRooftop Gardening is a Growing Trend in New York CityUrban Gardening with City Beet Farm on Shaw TVThe smart Trick of The National Gardening Association That Nobody is Talking AboutSustainable Urban Gardening & Education Workshop – PART 1Urban Gardening Course

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  • Mangilal Bhati 5 years ago

    Beautiful Car..Smart?

  • Mangilal Bhati 5 years ago

    Beautiful Car..Smart?

  • wizeguiz 5 years ago

    Great job Cathy! I love my Smart too! 🙂

  • lesideesconnes 5 years ago

    Beautiful car. Smart

  • Mr Cars 5 years ago

    very nice love the smart ed

  • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens 5 years ago

    Many times dandelions sold in stores (and some markets) is really chickory.
    Another thing is when you eat dandelions, pick them when they are younger,
    more tender, and more tasty. That being said, they are still significantly
    stronger than lettuce. I have learned to like more leafy greens as I eat
    more of them, your taste buds may actually change when eating more natural
    foods. Also grow them in rock dust and pick them fresh.

  • FlyGirl7221 5 years ago

    great vid John. Love your show.

  • Avis McDaniel 5 years ago

    You make me laugh munching on everything. You not afraid of aphids or slug

  • srkuhr 5 years ago

    I am so glad to see that they are growing there. My son used to live near
    the area you showed at first. Wow what a difference.

  • EmpathyWorks 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for showing me this. Ive never seen anything like this.
    This really makes me want to go out and learn how to grow my own food!

  • PedoWookie 5 years ago

    So happy indeed lol.

  • BlackCat2 5 years ago

    Stinging nettles grow wild all around me. Had no idea they were edible. I
    get poked a lot by them when I go hiking and they even invade my front yard
    from time to time. – Heidi

  • nerina d'istra 5 years ago

    check out Turtle Lake Refuge site here on YT, my most favorite spot, think
    it would be nice to be living there. Raw food restaurant recepies.

  • rzashida 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • hupmi 5 years ago

    I made dandelion salad and they were good. Some greens can be more bitter
    and changed the tastes after boiled.

  • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens 5 years ago

    please see watch?v=IJeBvn8LEA0 my episode on tropicals in SoCal.

  • superslyfoxx1 5 years ago

    This is wonderful to see!

  • REPRHD 5 years ago

    Another very cool tour John. Had a question about your last video at Leslie
    Doyles. Do you have a master list of the varieties that do well in the hot
    arid regions like vegas that you could mail me? I seen that wall of seeds
    in the video and was hoping you would mention more than just the Armenian
    cukes. Our summers here aren’t quite vegas hot but still very similar.
    Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work.

  • rzashida 5 years ago

    Did you say chowta plant? I want to research that are you
    spelling that?

  • Karan Sidhu 5 years ago

    Please do more trees about tropicals, especially tropical fruit trees that
    are growing in SoCal, check tropical fruit forums and go to La hambra they
    have many tropical fruit trees growing there

  • MrBarrytone 5 years ago

    Another excellent video, John! Gonna start eating the dandelions in my
    garden…always plenty of those here!

  • hupmi 5 years ago

    Yes, I think you’re right! Rau R?m (Persicaria odorata) is used in
    Vietnamese cuisine as a spicy mint, also for medicinal purposes.

  • ojospinay05 5 years ago

    I love chayote! They are great substitutes for potatoes in soups. Amazing
    vid john!

  • trinhnbeers 5 years ago

    nice video John

  • redirises 5 years ago

    hahaha!! John eating those nettles made me lol!

  • cantecleer 5 years ago

    Good suggestion. And if he does, I hope he finds an operation that uses
    organic and permaculture techniques (if any even exist). Nearly every grow
    op I’ve seen featured (or can find info about online) is monoculture and
    using a lot of conventional products (i.e., fertilizers, pesticides,
    herbicides, etc.). Would be nice to see if there are growers out there who
    use intercropping/permaculture approaches vs. more conventional practices.

  • David PhoTWENTY 5 years ago

    “THESE LEAVES LOOK LIKE SOMETHING” lol u crack me up Jon, love your show!
    Ive been a fan for 2-3years now and learn so much from your videos Keep
    growing on!

  • Dwight Egbert 5 years ago

    1781 Rose St in Berkeley has an edible school garden,

  • steviebboy69 5 years ago

    That plant looks like something i have except it was called Vietnamese
    Mint. it had a hot spicy taste. very nice taste though.

  • agriperma 5 years ago

    Chayote ( Sechium edule ). used as a veggie in the tropics.