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As urban populations grow, so too does demand for access to nutritious food in cities. Urban farming is one way to satisfy this demand, and it has other benefits as well: growing food locally minimizes carbon footprint, serves as a source of income generation, and provides employment opportunities in the community. Limited space, high pollution, and variable access to light make urban farming a challenge, however. In this episode of Deconstructing IoT, we create a smart architecture app to show how vertical farming could be integrated into the built landscape to overcome these obstacles. We’ll control delivery of natural and artificial light to our crops using the Nexmo API, and base our decisions on UV and weather forecast information from EnviroFacts and Yahoo Weather. Parts: Arduino Y Related PostsSmart Hydroponic Vertical Farming Systems by Plantekno® LED Grow Light TechnologyTop 3 Innovative Smart Farming (Vertical Farming) YOU MUST SEE ▶1Can Vertical Farms Fix the Future of Food?GROW YOUR OWN FOOD like a boss with no gardening experience | Tower Farms & Vertical GardeningGrowing with Farmers Ep. 1 Growing Kale Microgreens by Babylon Vertical Farms MalaysiaWhat If We Built Vertical Farms?

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