Small space vegetable gardening is growing in popularity across the world. People are interested that they can grow their own vegetables in small spaces with many limited to only balconies or even windowsills. However for someone who has never grown a plant before it can be a little scary at first. I decided to start a series or playlist which will show anyone from the beginner to advanced stage on how you can start growing your own delicious produce or learn lesser know tricks to greatly increase your yield for hardly any costs.
Hanging herb planter video:
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Small space vegetable gardening – A series about maximizing your space effectively

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  • vegetablesteve

    Can't wait to see the series, although I have a big garden, there's always room for improvement. Keep them video's coming

  • Katie Lee

    hi Huw, your mention of using tin cans to grow herbs in made me remember that last yr l had sown my tom seeds late and had ran out of plastic  3" pots to transplant the seedlings into. As l didn't want to spend money on  buying more plastic  pots l used  recycled veg and baked beans tin cans for the transplants with the hope that as toms like heat the tins would warm up in the sun ,in the greenhouse,They did  all grow well and non died, even though the tins got quite hot during the day in the greenhouse. l moved them into the greenhouse borders later and got quite a good yield. As l never compared them to other tom seedling in plastic pots, as l never had any in plastic pots to compare, l don't know if they were any better grown in the tins , so perhaps that could be an experiment for you this yr to see if heat loving plants ie  certain types of herbs which like heat, toms, chillies, cucumber, auberines  etc  etc grow seedlings faster in tin cans compared to the same size plastic pot ( & soil volume). Would love to see if my theory is correct.

  • philcoppa

    being a bookworm as well as a gardener, I was happy to see shelves with real books on them.

    I look forward to your videos.  You are doing an impressive job for such a young man.  Keep up the good work.

  • Marisa Hutchison

    Hello Huw, Really looking forward to your series about maximizing space effectively.  I have a small backyard, medical issues so I use raised planters, etc.  Just purchased 4 ea containers that are 4 x 2 and 18 in high.  Thanks for all you do that helps others like me.

  • threedogwrite

    Great idea for a series.  Can't wait to see them all.  Please cover indoor growing of vegetables under lights.  Low cost ways to grow lots of greens, a tomato or two, some cukes, etc in limited space with efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.  Thanks for your efforts.

  • Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable

    What an excellent video on small space gardening ! It's great to see you taking advantage of your time at school during breaks to make clips ! 

  • Teresa H

    Can't wait for the new series. Are you at university now? I was thinking you had moved to where you had limited growing space and thus the reason for the new series. God Bless and take care.

  • freakygeaktwo

    wow your inside today 🙂 with the large room I would thought you be in a cave but I seen books so figure your either at school or in a library maybe both 🙂 I look forward to what you share and I love the collaboration aspect of several gardeners from different areas or zones even for comparison if possible 🙂  thanks for sharing

  • Stanley Loper

    I look forward to it.  I live in a duplex which is pretty close to its neighbor.  The landlord had put in beds along the side of flowers.  But a year ago had poison for termites pumped into the ground next to the foundation.  So I'm using containers and doing my best to do things on the cheap.  Next spring I will be putting in both vegetables and flowers  Some of the flowers will be companions, such as marigolds.  Other flowers will be intended to draw in hummingbirds, which my housemates want to watch.  I gardened last year, but I'm going a little ambitious this year.  I'm sticking with heirlooms and open pollinated varieties as far as possible to save seeds and reduce my seed costs in the long run.  I've also established a small compost pile for the same reasons, to save on costs in the long run.

  • Vegan Minimalist Mark

    Great idea Huw. I`m looking forward to seeing this new series of videos. All the best ~ Mark

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