Urban gardening. Tips for utilizing small spaces for maximum results. Grow lots of food on minimal land.

Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA — in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to…

Small Space Urban Gardening

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  • barkulator

    I let the wild blackberries take over in a bramble area by my shed, and
    added a variety that produces later in the summer (that I got for free
    also), so I get 6+ weeks of berries. I make compost from the local greens
    and browns and make tea with it, and it supercharges the berry production.
    Native plants like you said are super resistant to disease too. ?

  • steinderbush

    I am subscribed to many channels they all have some nice things on them , ,
    but there are just a few that i love the most!! And that,s yours and
    wranglestars! And why??! … you guys teach us something more worth
    than money can buy! Bless you.?

  • mrsuaavve

    Very good and helpful info. My mom lives on an acre in Arkansas. She is
    getting older and is not the gardening type but likes the convenience of
    having food right outside her door as opposed to driving miles to the store
    (country miles). The kiddie pool garden is an excellent idea. She wanted a
    raised garden and the kiddie pool would be much quicker to do.

    With the plants growing so close to the house: do you find you have more
    critters coming closer to the house (mice, deer, etc.)? If so, any tips to
    keep them away? I know a dog and cat, but anything else? Thx again for
    these vids.?

  • William Evans

    You farm reminds me so much of our little farm we had back in Ohio where I
    was able to raise my kids….. I really miss it…..?

  • Sharon Wright

    LOL! Cookie is the master photo/video bomber! Thanks for another great
    video. You share so much information and are very inspirational, thanks

  • yakfishin

    I must say, your channel is amazing. your knowledge on the topics you cover
    is also amazing. whomever taught you you must have really paid close
    if you learned it all on your own its just that much better. thank you for
    showing your beagle
    finally. ours passed away almost a year ago and im glad you still have
    yours and hes
    beautiful. now I have to make a suggestion or better yet a request. please
    please please do a
    “how to” series on canning. there are several different ways to do it but
    the videos here on youtube
    about canning really aren’t showing us much. im willing to bet you grew up
    around canning and
    could make a short series very understandable to the rest of us. what do ya

  • 0oStormyo0

    Great video, trying to educate, reeducate people to grow their own food and
    be self sufficient, I really appreciate the time you take! Nice job.?

  • jackrabbitslim66

    I wish I could get a fig tree to grow here in Michigan they remind me of my
    Aunt in Oberlin Louisiana I would eat them off the tree no bowl needed. ?

  • OnTheSound .

    I’ve done square foot gardening, but have never tried trellises. Next year
    for sure!! Thanks for the great ideas! ?


    There are three things I love about these videos, the information that is
    really useful, the eyes of this wonderful woman, and Cat shares?

  • phrankus2009

    Awesome bounty, there, Miranda. …
    Tell Danny, Mark, Ash, and your parents that we miss them.
    Looking forward to seeing that pup scare up a bunny, or two, soon.?

  • o00oZu1o00o

    It’s quite a feat to be lectured by such a stunning beauty and to manage to
    pay attention to the actual content of the vid. I personnally succeeded
    several times, and I hope that you are appreciative of the performance this

    Concerning very small spaces, hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers produce
    even more heavily than the other methods, but require a lot more

    Fruit trees in very small spaces : right now, I’m planting 9 trees and a
    grapevine, and I built 29 inches high grden beds to plant them in. I
    thought it would give me control over the nature of the soil in this added
    root space, and that it would make better use of a space that would
    otherwise be used as “useless” trunk space…We’ll see if this method is
    worth something from my results in a few years, I couldn’t find similar
    examples on the internet.?

  • RimeTime

    You guys are smart, planting all the edible stuff.
    You’ve inspired me to get a few seed packets – i’m growing some
    vertical edibles soon.
    Is August a decent time to start seeds – in Florida ?? Pardon my
    ignorance, my mom bless her heart did so much gardening but i’ve forgotten
    so much ?

  • shawn anderson

    ok so at first thought i was like 25min video on fruits n veggies…
    seriously this cant take that long to relay. but girl you pack so much info
    into your vids 25min is awesome time. i would’ve took a hour easy to relay
    all that info. i love how humble your life style is. im currently fighting
    with my millionaire father about possessions and money. he is positive
    there is no other way to live life but his, and my idea of living off the
    land in this day and age is unthesable and unrealistic. i know a lot of
    survival stuff, and off grid living hacks. but i really got to hand it to
    you guys, where normally im adding a note or two on vids of something that
    wasnt covered that i know, you have 3 times now flat out fucking seriously
    impressed me with just how much more you know about the land itself than i
    do. sry for lang. but i just want to express how rare im left with out a ”
    oh and btw” comment. thank you for taking the time to make this vid and the
    others. i knew about climbing plants, but i never thought of using the
    trunks of trees as climbing rigs. i figured the soil would be too stressed
    to produce both plants. and how much you know on each food source. you
    inspire me to pay more attention to the garden instead of the forge. i was
    wondering if perhaps you guys have a year round grow/green house? if so
    what do you tend to plant outside your house for the seasonals vs the
    things you like to keep growing year round? id really like to not have to
    shop for anything other than meat but like tomatoes, no sense in growing
    them year round if one season can produce enough to can and still have net
    year ya know? and since i have a terrible green thumb, ive never really
    dealt with plants too much so im not sure on the yeilds of plants other
    than what i see a lot of, which is tomatoes, corn and green beans, and i
    can work with those, but id like a bigger variety in my diet if i was to
    live off my yard as much as possible. sry i didnt mean to leave such a big
    comment. like i said its just rare that i see people with more know how
    than me on these things and youre savant compared to me when it comes to
    plants and id love to be your sponge and soak as much of that info as i can

  • George Green

    Urban gardens, food forests reclaiming urban food deserts. The story of a
    guerrilla gardener in South Central LA…. “Growing your own food is like
    printing your own money” ~ Ron Finley?

  • Bryant Cornett

    *Does Atlanta have a food desert*? Yes, several of them.

    Thing is, it’s not only access to fresh foods, but access in a reasonable
    amount of time. Residents of South Atlanta are in for a 3hr roundtrip to
    get fresh groceries.

    Thanks to +Stephen Waterhouse for sharing this great video from TED a while
    back. Ron Finley (www.ronfinley.com) has *a great solution for Los Angeles*.
    And we think we’ve got *a great solution for South Atlanta* (
    https://www.uruut.com/projects/598) that is:
    1. a *sustainable* model,
    2. *supported* by the community,
    3. run by *neighbors*, and
    4. *developed with a Spirit* for making lives better.

    #fooddesert ?

  • Arleen Lowe

    Growing your own food is like printing your own money! That should get the
    attention of our young folks. Great way of putting it. I love this

  • mikepenson5252

    Awesome message. It’s all about bringing a community together through
    service education and cooperation. Organic healthy food, and people having
    the means to get thier health back through nutrition is the coincidental
    benefit of that work. What coincidental benefit that is! Very inspiring
    Ron! Keep it gangsta!?

  • H4rrisH4wk23

    See – there’s only one thing that I have to really wonder about… Who the
    hell complained about it? He is doing awesome – I love it.?

  • Nicolas Perez

    Yesss this exactly what my generation needs! I never thought I would be so
    much into gardening but man am I inspired!?

  • awesomeawesomesauce

    He’s got syle AND substance. People that talk flashy like he does usually
    only have the style. That’s pretty rare. It’s fairly difficult to be
    accurate, precise and inspiring at the same time. Yet somehow he does it. ?

  • MrAnomilus

    This needs to happen EVERYWHERE, not just in the big cities.
    There are a million small towns in America that have the same or similar
    The biggest problem we all face, is forced dependency on a system that
    prefers us dumbed-down, sick, and short-lived. 95% of America stands in the
    crosshairs of this evil plan.?

  • Tom Davis

    This is one of the funner TedTalks I’ve seen, and it’s loaded with
    “If you want to meet with me, meet me in the garden….with your shovel!”
    #respect #growfood #growfoodnotlawns ?

  • Christie Mayer

    Ron has brought food to his neighborhood and has sparked a love for really
    local, healthy eating. He has inspired me to plant more food at home.
    “Planting your own food is like printing your own money.” #inspiring
    #viralvideo ?

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