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John from goes on a field trip to visit Dr. Bob Randall’ Permaculture Food Forest in Suburban Houston, Texas. In this .28 acre lot Bob grows over 150 varieties of fruit trees, a raised bed vegetable garden and more. In this episode you will learn how he is growing many different types of plants using permaculture principles. During this episode John will give a tour of the property and share many of the different types of plants growing at this suburban food forest. John will also interview Dr. Randall and ask him some questions about permaculture and some new ways to get you to think about your organic home garden. After watching this episode you will be sure to learn some new ways and techniques that you can use to have a more successful garden in the future. To learn more about Dr. Bob Randall, visit: To learn about the classes in Houston about permaculture: Related PostsBackyard food forest permaculture home orchard expansion!Permaculture Food Forest School Garden teach kids about Real FoodEmulate a Permaculture Food Forest In Your Vegetable GardenNo Dig Gardening Harvest, Backyard Permaculture Food ForestUrban Agroecoloy: 6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre – Urban Homestead – Urban PermacultureTower Garden Aeroponic Home Vertical Food Forest

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  • notboundtosilence 4 years ago

    I have been trying to grow some trees in my front yard for three years. My "neighbors" walk through, bike through, or send their huge dogs through my yard regularly and my small trees that I can afford keep getting broken in half. What is wrong with people? Seriously! I love his cactus idea.

  • Richard Lay 4 years ago

    Interested if any of this could apply to North Texas which has far less rain than Houston and actually has 4 seasons.

  • ADEMILSON SILVA 4 years ago

    Amazingly well done video !!

  • guloguloguy 4 years ago

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Very Inspiring!!!!!
    Thank you, both, John, and Bob!!!!

  • nustada 4 years ago

    What I wonder is how does he deal with the worst pest of all, government.

    When I lived in the burbs: I checked for permitting about rain water capture, they told me it was illegal. When I grew berry bushes more the 4', Goji and Raspberry, I started getting threatening letters claiming they were a fire hazard. My response was I did not want their "protection" and that green bushes would be nearly impossible to set on fire, then they came and chopped them down; good thing I was not home when they did it as I would have shot them. I moved out of town as a result.

    Imagine how wonderful miles of food forests would be in place poisonous lawns.

    Texas is looking better almost every day.

  • Moon Dancer 4 years ago

    56 years then…I won't live long enough 🙁 Wonder what can be accomplished in maybe 10 years? Probably not a pecan tree.

  • JOSIUM 305 4 years ago

    I already know most of these things, but its just a pleasure to watch your videos john….I'm too shy to make my own so thank you so much for your work! :)

  • threeicys 4 years ago

    Always informative and practical videos…What a fabulous resource he has provided the world with. Can't thank him enough.

  • OmgKittys78 4 years ago

    Learned a lot from this video. I liked the metal stakes being stacked. I did the pvc pipes with the netting and they are too short. I think this will work out for me.

  • mojowomyn 4 years ago

    OMG – Worth the price of admission with the T-Post idea! Thanks!

  • komer west 4 years ago

    He cracks me up. I do believe he is smoking his

  • Choco Desu (Lkun) 4 years ago

    I thought the point of having a food forest was to have free food so anyone could pick it off. The cactus is stupid. Why would he do that? So many people are already hungry and poor.

  • Jesse Mercury 4 years ago

    Okay allow me to elucidate on the trellis at 23 minutes why for permaculture reusing items makes sense and saves money…… Pardon how crude this drawing is.. I did it in under 3 minutes while watching your video….

  • Jesse Mercury 4 years ago

    Question? at around 23 minutes when you where showing the trellis setups… why go out and buy the concrete reinforcement material from Lowes? the idea is to reduce reuse and to recycle right? so why not repurpose old cables and lumber that would have been thrown out.. say old computer cat5 cables or old appliance cords etc.. and just set up for wood pillars.. attach screws facing one another and then just repurpose the wire that would have been in the landfill to act as the trellis mesh strung tightly between the four wooden posts? to me it seems that would be cheaper and again.. both reducing and reusing materials…

  • Muncie Fine Portraits 4 years ago

    How are there any unlikes on this video? His enthusiasm alone makes this enjoyable. Thanks for all the great info. Now, to convert that info to our backyard in chilly, soggy Indiana.