Small landscape design ideas (10 secrets)

Yes, no matter where you are, we can provide you with a backyard design! Please contact me here, I will send you your “Outdoor Living Design Pricing”, if it sounds great to you, we can arrange a virtual meeting. thank you. 10 secrets in small landscape design In today’s video, we will discuss 10 secrets in small landscape design. Even in a small backyard, we all seem to want to have the same things-an amazing outdoor space to hang out with their family and friends, and a nice refuge in our backyard, To maintain peace and tranquility. We want to correctly share 10 secrets-the hidden secrets of small landscape design ideas. No matter how much property you own, some of these 10 secrets will make your outdoor life more interesting. I like to design from the internal window view to capture the external scene. When you look out, it will be full of energy-you will love it when you go out. And live in it. #1) Destination: #2) Covered structure #3) Privacy #4) Water view #5) Fire scene #6 Add bar #7 Garden space 8) Built-in seating #9) Featured space. #10) Sunken Area Thank you for joining-10 secrets of small landscape design are proposed. For other landscape design ideas, we welcome you to visit the portfolio in our portfolio. Free consultation: video in design-Staycation, 3D landscape design and scaling-backyard design planning service-why use 3-D design nationwide? (Homeowner speaks out loud) Video-Design Ideas Tuscany-style Landscape Design Double-sided Fireplace Outdoor Small Modern Backyard Backyard Basketball Court Customized Underground Hot Tub How to beautify the scaffolding way to deal with the slope | Covered Patio (PICTURES) Best Outdoor kitchen appliances shading solution-I need to ease the covered patio concept in the backyard (should you attach it?) Modern home landscaping (before and after)


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  • Kelly Vance

    For the love of the environment and not pissing off your neighbors, DO NOT PLANT BAMBOO IN THE GROUND! I have been fighting bamboo for the past decade. I ended up hard scaping my entire backyard (rock, rubber mulch, and deck) to try to stop it, and it still finds ways to encroach. The next door neighbor to my south has done the same thing, and the poor renter to my north is now experiencing the same issues. Bamboo wrecks the soil, crowds out native plants and is near impossible to get rid of. If you want bamboo, keep it in a pot where the roots can't spread to the ground. Do not be responsible for introducing an invasive species.

  • Jessica

    Great ideas – of course most of our homes don’t look like this but you can get creative with the different topics. My favorite was “destination” – creating destinations in your yard so that it pulls you out of the house.

  • Julia Bickel

    I liked the concept of designing a plan for a destination — another place to be at home. Very affirming of my own intuition.

  • CG G

    301 people gave this channel a thumbs down…. Seriously, it must be from their competition because this is a great channel…LOL

  • CG G

    Love your Channel…. You give me lots of ideas for our future great outdoors… We do need a designer, what are your fees? Here in Michigan…thanks so much !

  • coachJ39

    a common theme in this video that was never verbally explain was utilizing vertical space which might be the most important part of all regarding small spaces. I use grape vines and honey suckles on wire trellis's i rigged up from home depot. I would love to get a nicer one like in this video when it showed the jasmines along the fence. What would this item be called?

  • ComicFitz

    My backyard is only 377,497 Square feet, do you think I could fit a fancy outside bar or maybe one of those Pegasus’s?

  • Hope Loomis

    You have very good ideas but none of your pictures show any tiny backyard do you even know what you're talkin about

  • Darlene Williams

    Thank you! Thank you! Some really great ideas. I made a list and will definitely use many of them for my deck design. Loved the idea of the built in seating and creating a destination. I think that you really showed how lighting in the backyard and make a very inviting space too. Thank you.

  • totangoforever

    This is NOT the Average American back yard!! But, the backyard of designers. Really great ideas which is what the whole video was promoting/selling. I especially liked
    the vertical plant walls and sunken aspects. Bring more!

  • StephBer1

    We are high on a hill and have fantastic views at the front of the house so we want to put a large patio at the front of the house. But we also have neighbours across the road and at either side. How can we get the views but also a bit of privacy? There is already a retained wall built up and the area of lawn is 18 x 7 mts. This is what we want to build it on.

  • Dharia Maria Lurie

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