Even those who have only a small garden can have many satisfactions and spend many moments of relaxation in the open air, but they also find themselves having a considerable commitment, especially in spring and summer. Pruning the branches, mowing the lawn, taking care of the flower beds and above all watering: a vital necessity for all plants. Wet the grass and flowers every day is always a bit challenging, even if the garden is not huge. Maybe, after a long day of work, you would prefer to rest: and then there is always the question of who will take care of the watering while we are on vacation. In larger gardens, all these problems can be solved by an underground irrigation system, with an electronic programmer that automatically manages the irrigation and a hydraulic circuit with solenoid valves, manifold pipes and retractable sprinklers. And for smaller gardens? The solution exists and can also be built on your own, without making deep excavations and at a low cost: it is called Colibr System.

hummingbird Created by Claber, an Italian company of reference in the world of domestic irrigation, Colibr System is a complete system that includes everything needed to create an underground micro-irrigation circuit in a small garden: from 50 to 200 square meters. The heart of the system are the Colibr micro-sprinklers, which also work with low water pressure, watering the lawn and flower beds with gentle and uniform rain, on different areas (360, 180, 90) and with an easily adjustable water flow. The micro-sprinklers are connected to a polyethylene collector pipe, with perfectly watertight compression fittings and with a drain valve that allows the system to be emptied when winter arrives, to prevent the water inside from freezing. Colibr System managed by a simple battery-powered programmer that connects to the tap, to control daily irrigation times with versatility and precision: all this, without any hydraulic or electrical connection.

claber irrigation system It’s also very easy to design a Colibr System micro-irrigation system yourself. First you draw a scale plan of your garden on a squared sheet, then mark the areas to be irrigated with a compass (circular, semicircular or 90) trying to overlap them as little as possible, while covering the entire surface lawn and flower beds. A sprinkler will be placed in the center of each area. At this point we draw the path of the collector pipe, connecting the various sprinklers in the most linear way possible. On the Claber website, in the do-it-yourself section, you can see some project examples and find all the technical characteristics of the Colibr System products. You can also immediately view an on-line estimate for gardens from 50 to 200 square meters, including the battery-operated programmer: and also the cost truly within everyone’s reach.

how to install hummingbird Also on the Claber website, there is a complete guide that explains everything you need to build your own Colibr underground micro-irrigation system. The collector tube is deposited in a shallow groove, created by swinging the blade of a spade in the ground: therefore the lawn is not damaged and the earth does not move. With pressure fittings, no special tools are needed and the collector tube is also cut to size, using a common pair of scissors. When the circuit is completed, before finally burying it, the system is tested to verify that all the green and flowered areas of the garden are uniformly watered: if any area remains uncovered, the range or angle of the micro-sprinkler is adjusted. At this point, just compact the soil above the collector tube and set the battery-operated programmer, to automatically water our little corner of nature: thanks to Colibr System.

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Small garden? Colibr System waters it big

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