Added by on 2015-03-13 Indoor Aquaponics with a 20 gallon tank. Added a new plant today and show an update to how the mint is doing. Video Rating: 5 / 5 Here’s a list of some shallow rooted veggies and herbs that will do well in a small indoor garden: * Lettuces * Spinach * Kale * Collard greens * Parsley * Cilantro That’s a good starting… Related PostsSmall Aquaponics (Hydroponic Plants)Vertical Gardening Idea for Turning a Small Space into Beautiful Garden | Garden Tower//GREEN PLANTSVegetable Gardening Small Space in Containers Flower Pots Plants for Food Lettuce Onions ZucchiniRanger Nick: Raising Plants and Fish Together Using AquaponicsUpside Down Garden Tower Patio Planter Strawberry Plants Tomatoes Herbs Small Space ContainerHow to Decorate Your Small Flower Pots | Pots Decoration Ideas | Garden DIY Ideas//GREEN PLANTS




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  • Eric Mastenbrook 5 years ago

    Cool set-up. I bet if you boiled your water before adding it to your mint
    leaves, the flavor would be a lot stronger. I would try that and then throw
    it in the fridge for a day or so. At least, that is my plan. I have
    chocolate mint growing in my indoor system. It’s just barely starting to
    take off. I started it from seed, so it needs to establish itself before it
    starts going crazy. ?

  • Jonjey2112 5 years ago

    Hey, I just found your videos today and wanted to ask you some questions.
    I have a few fish tanks and I have heard about using aquaponics to never
    have to do water changes again, that the plants will suck the bad stuff out
    of the water and sustain the water parameters on it’s own. I’d probably be
    looking for really easy plants to maintain that don’t need too much effort
    since I’d be doing it more for the no water change thing rather than
    growing vegetables and stuff. My question is would I be able to keep
    everything all inside the tank? Basically my idea was to make a divider
    along the back of the tank out of thin glass or acrylic with a small gap at
    the bottom, put a layer of sponge along the gap and then fill the
    compartment up with the hydroponic rocks and have a submersible filter in
    the rocks near the top pushing water back into the tank to have the water
    constantly moving through, then planting a few plants in the rocks. I think
    I read that pothos plants are really easy to use for this stuff so maybe
    I’ll go with that. Anyway, would that work similarly to your set up??

  • joey keown 5 years ago

    Hey buddy any suggestions on how to perk up house plants? Mine do great
    during the summer months out on the patio but in the winter when I bring
    them in not so much! Any help?

  • ThreeEyedTeddyBear 5 years ago

    for indoors you may have the negavtive of limited space but you also have
    the positive of being mother nature. things can grow year round indoors so
    anything that gets too hot or too cold outdoors is perfect.

  • koolgrower 5 years ago

    Thanks for all the info! There are actually lots of different plants that
    any grower can grow in an indoor garden setup especially using hydroponics.
    Aside from the ones that you mentioned, some of the other crops that can be
    grown indoors are cucumber, squash, cabbage, herbs, corns, strawberries,
    berries, lemons, tomatoes and a whole lot more. I guess that’s the reason
    why more and more people consider growing in hydroponics.

  • angelhatesyou75217 5 years ago

    Anything that vines you can usually grow easily in hanging planters near
    your windows. Tomatoes and cucumbers.

  • Mike Lieberman 5 years ago

    @cortieflash Maybe they are just getting used to their new environment?