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This small aquaponics system ( is perfect for indoor use such as in the kitchen, family room, hall, etc… or to be located on a covered patio. The kit is available for sale on our website. You can grow just about anything with very little maintenance. Basically feed your fish and plant then harvest the produce! The fish tank will not need to be cleaned (i.e., a self cleaning fish tank) as the clay pebbles and aquaponic setup will take care of the water balance automatically. If you are unfamiliar with aquaponics, it is an eco system where the fish provide the nutrients for the plants and the plants and clay pebbles (bacteria) help clean the water for the fish. Video Rating: / 5 An Indoor Garden That Never Stops Growing Food. Look where you can get this! Indoor gardening with hydroponics. See Video link #1. ~~ Links: 1) VIDEO: Indoor gardening with hydroponics 2) 3) Thumbnail image – Hydroponics 4) Music – Youtube Audio Library “Ambient Ambulance” Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMini Indoor Garden – Self watering Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden; Small Herb GardenZeroSoilGardens – Growing with the Mini Indoor GardenOrganic Garden Set Up Aquaponic Hydroponic Tomatoes IndoorDIY Aquaponics Indoor Systems – (Aquarium Fish Tank, Vertical Farming and Mini Tanks)Hydroponic Aquaponic Indoor Grow SystemMini Garden HAUL – Beginner’s Indoor Gardening Supplies

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  • SaSa 1 year ago

    Thanks excellent
    video. Beautifully done. The best ideas that I have seen was at Aqua
    garden plans (i googled it) it was the most incredible layouts that I

  • mark t 1 year ago

    is this a flood and drain system? if so can i change the rate of the flood or timing of the flood?

  • lachlan carick 1 year ago

    What type of gravel do you use ?

  • Andrew Walker 1 year ago

    how much looks great I live in Australia where can I get one and what type of fish can you eat from it.

  • Guadalupe Cases 1 year ago

    Hi! I would like to know where from get the fish the oxigen. Thanks!

  • Jorge Perez 1 year ago

    how dense can you make your Eden garden? the gardens in the video don't have much growing?

  • Jorge Perez 1 year ago

    how dense can you make your Eden garden? the gardens in the video don't have much growing?

  • Jorge Perez 1 year ago

    how dense can you make your Eden garden? the gardens in the video don't have much growing?

  • esmir hodzic 1 year ago

    would a system like this work for Marijuana?

  • Brian 1 year ago

    This is a nice looking system! How many tilapia could you grow in a setup like this?

  • snakeeyes20a 1 year ago

    You should make one with a transparent aquarium

  • Stighl Alighve 1 year ago

    I've never had halehpeno. Is it spicy?

  • Vincent Cramer 1 year ago

    that thing looks very nice, is it constant flow or is it flood and drain? 
    nice cotton ball technique

  • Kevin Q 1 year ago

    Great job and great pitch! All good information and didn't feel like I was being "sold". Nice looking system.

  • Sage Watson 1 year ago

    Hey do you guys have a glass version of both pots? That would be cool! Then you can see the fish and stuff, and then maybe add some underwater vegetation! I love it!

  • Richard Yin 1 year ago

    Man i wish i could afford this !!!

  • ABOBO 1 year ago

    what if the fish is sick how to treat them? 

  • Anna McDuffie 1 year ago

    Are the pebbles hypoallergenic? You mentioned that they grow bacteria to feed the plants? I have a small child who has allergies, would this be safe, especially in small spaces?

  • Martin Reed 1 year ago

    thanks for sharing with everyone and relatives sent to

  • Tessa “Tess” H 1 year ago

    How much energy does it take to run the grow lights?

  • Chris Fred 1 year ago

    how can we be sure its not gmo?

  • OHEVETYESHUA 1 year ago


  • FuddyDuddy99 1 year ago

    You must use ladybugs in order to keep the aphids away, Neighbors will complain about the lights so cover your windows with aluminum foil. I had hydroponics garden… I know the complaints…

  • Joann Hopkins 1 year ago

    it's just my opinion but ,I'm a little concerned about the hydroponic system when you are growing fruits and vegetables unnaturally without soil and in a chemical based system, I'm not sure the long term health benefits or repercussions consuming these vegetables???? I would rather, grow my vegetables naturally under grow lights in my home

  • wing tweet 1 year ago

    Is it just me, or do none of the links posted take you to a website to purchase this?

  • Mark Peden 1 year ago

    I never stop eating food that's what I need. you can bet I'll be getting one.

  • Mr2pint 1 year ago

    Great method – saves a lot of money and ensures some independence from the system.