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Green Roofs


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  • Edward Videos 4 months ago

    very technical but!

  • Corinne Blagg 4 months ago

    Hi Brandon! Thanks for sharing this video. Can you tell me how you would alter this equation of your pitch was different on the two sides?

  • Foxy fnaf the game 4 months ago

    what is 1:2 slope

  • Shaw Pay 4 months ago


  • Aidan keenan 4 months ago

    Don't get me wrong! I worked this out by watching ALL the youtube vids out there! And I realise that the "Old ways" are important! Using the "Step-off" method with a FRAMING SQUARE and a SPEED SQUARE from everything from a dog house to a single story home/garage etc! But my point is… If you're gonna take all that time to study all the different methods… Why not just SIMPLIFY! It shouldn't be all about the math and having to pay massive amounts of dosh for an architect or contractor… Anyone can do this with confidence with a little time spent experimenting with the drawings one can create with "Sketch-up"!

  • Aidan keenan 4 months ago

    Why are we still doing these calculations in 2017? If computers are our future and we still use calculators to do the math anyway, why not download a FREE version of SKETCH-UP and build/draw your roof with the desired dimensions/slope… Place your RIDGE BOARD up there at the calculated height… and simply (using the LINE-TOOL), draw your rafter with the desired tail and birds-mouth… Make a "copy" of it and "move" it away from the building where you can then ACCURATELY measure all the dimensions required! Seems like a no brainer to me! Using "Sketch-Up", I was able to cut ALL my rafters! The most important task then was to make bloody sure the walls where squared up to spec! They where and there were no gaps in sight!

  • Amit Saroj 4 months ago

    You are my favorite Math teacher.

  • Really knowledgeable .. thanks

  • Weston Doehrman 4 months ago

    Thank you 🙂

  • Luis Carrasco 4 months ago

    where is the website you used to doodle with

  • Joshua Sandoval 4 months ago

    Taking my B license test for the 6th time. I know right.

  • Joshua Sandoval 4 months ago

    Thank you sir. Helped alot.

  • street dei 4 months ago

    what is the name of the software you are using. Thanks for the tutorial

  • Laurie Clarkson 4 months ago

    So if I do a monopitch roof/shed/lean-to/slanted (so many names for it) on a 34 ft house like yours in the example with 3/8 pitch, I would have to build 12.75' wall on top of my existing wall at the high point to achieve that? Did I do that right?

  • bisutommy79 4 months ago

    HI, what pointer do you use?

  • Gator Visuals 4 months ago

    Very helpful , Whats the name of the program you are using also