There are basically two gate models to choose from: sliding or hinged doors. The sliding gate is moved thanks to a lane that makes it possible to open and close. The movement can be operated either manually or automatically. In the case of the manually operated sliding gate, there will be a handle that allows you to easily grasp the gate by exerting a minimum of force to open and close it. The lane must always be quite clean, as this could prevent the gate from sliding. The sliding gate, compared to a swing gate, certainly needs more space, at least twice the size of the gate itself. When this space is not available, it is mandatory to fall back on other models. The sliding gate can also be equipped with an automatic system that allows it to be opened using a remote control, which can be operated from inside the house by connecting it to the intercom.


sliding gateAs with other types of gate, the sliding one can also be chosen from different models. The model can be open or closed. In the case of the open gate we refer to a gate through which it is possible to see inside the house, in the case of the closed gate this is not possible, as the back of the gate is completely closed. When contacting specialized shops for the choice of your gate, it will be the retailer himself who will indicate whether the space available is more or less sufficient to be able to install it. As with all automatic gates, this is also equipped with a system through which, should a fault occur or if there is a power failure, it can be opened manually. Any sliding gate made with manual opening can be made automatic by purchasing only the motor for opening. The gate opening and closing speed is adjusted according to the customer’s needs. Most often these gates are also used as a garage door.

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Each sliding gate, depending on the type of material used for its construction, has a different weight. The motor will be chosen based on the weight of the door that will have to slide. Installation must always be carried out by competent and specialized workers who will also have to test the gate itself. For any faults, always contact the dealer, who also has all the spare parts needed for replacement. It is absolutely not necessary to think that the automatic sliding gate can represent a danger because it is equipped with a photocell that immediately blocks the opening or closing of the gate if something obstructs its field.

The duration of a sliding gate is unlimited although, in reference to the different materials with which it is made, it is possible that a rather careful maintenance is required. In the case of iron sliding gates, although the material is subjected to anti-rust treatments before being installed, it can happen that after several years the action of rain damages the structure. The repair can be carried out directly by the customer by purchasing specific substances that can be applied even without the rust having been previously removed.

The sliding gate can be painted in any color, although usually a rather natural color is preferred. Thanks to the new paints, it is also possible to give the sliding gate an antiqued look, rather particular so that it can integrate perfectly with the style of the house. The sliding gate is an excellent alternative to the swing gate, but before actually making the purchase it is always preferable to contact the specialist dealer so that he can check the space available to confirm the possibility of installing this specific model. The costs depend above all on the size of the gate and the choice of the material with which it is to be made. To get a general idea of ​​the price difference, it is also possible to request different estimates, each referring to the use of a specific material. Then everyone can choose the sliding gate model that best corresponds to their needs.

Sliding gates There are some absolutely crucial factors when it comes to decorating your green corner. One of these is undoubtedly represented by garden gates, which, in order to be best chosen, require that you have a certain knowledge of the various alternatives that a market of this type can offer you.

We are in a context, more specifically, where a rather credible solution is in our opinion represented by the so-called sliding gates, perfect for a target that has a considerable amount of space available and at the same time wants to focus on a product capable of to withstand a long time, thanks to a very solid structure.

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