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Architect Juli Capella was tasked- by the city of Barcelona- to design a vertical garden to cover a nearly 70-foot-high windowless wall (leftover after an adjacent building was demolished). Instead of creating a typical living wall that simply covered the existing surface with plants, he constructed a piece of architecture (or vegitecture) that acts like any conventional building, with a door, stairs and floors. But unlike any other building, it has plants for walls. Unlike other vertical gardens that require a crane to fertilize or replace plants, gardeners simply climb the stairs and aided by a pulley-system and swappable planter boxes can keep the vertical garden in an ever-green state. A drip irrigation system keeps water use low and upkeep at a minimum. Given my experience climbing the 8 floors with a camera bag, I don’t doubt that it’s upkeep is similar to any other urban garden. Now just add some vegetables and it might start to resemble a prototype for skyscraper farming. More info on original story: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJARDLiving walls save space in minimalist Barcelona apartmentEntrevista a Patrick Blanc – Mini KiteSurf Barcelona 2012 – PRExtreme TV Channel2016 Hydroponic Tower Prototype Description VideoEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls

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  • Decker Hall 1 year ago


  • greenurbanislands 1 year ago

    An expansion on the idea of bats:

    In Damascus, across from the Sebki Park in Sha'alan district, the rooftop lights of a bank attracted insects. All night long, bats swirled in the colored lights. A very exotic scene. I watched the swirls of flitting bats from my rooftop apartment.

    Add lights to the garden structure. Millions more insects.

  • altha 2014 1 year ago

    If every building will use two of its walls and do this Most cities will be able grow its own food

  • Gene Skare 1 year ago

    sky farming ? lol wonderful idea ! I LOVE his work ….but….I agree with +Kirsten Dirksen  , Food will help even more ! Maybe some of the tenants ???(or neighbors)  would like to help take care of the produce and reap the benefits of this 'new age' Crop-Sharing ;)

  • Jeva157 1 year ago

    Edible plants 🙂 

  • nonchalantd 1 year ago

    I've seen lots of videos about Spain, and the Spaniards seem like some of the coolest people in the world.  I plan on visiting many times when I'm done with school. 

  • Shiny&Sheer 1 year ago

    fantastic story!

  • Edward Reed 1 year ago

    "I don't remember but its huge!" lol

  • thegurney 1 year ago

    genial! and so beautiful. this is a great channel. i have a permaculture project not far from barcelona where we run courses exploring eco and socially responsible solutions to problems… city problems and countryside ones. it's called boodaville – look it up if you are interested in an educational, practical and beautiful getaway!

  • Albert Tran 1 year ago

    this garden reminds me of NYC jungle in Crysis 3

  • mossy1 1 year ago

    itd be better if it were edible plants. Then again I dont know If Id want them absorbing all the smog.

  • CountryBackyard 1 year ago

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    Thank-you for sharing

  • VasilyKiryanov 1 year ago

    It is still growing.

  • VasilyKiryanov 1 year ago

    A fram with all that cars around? Who's gonna eat the production? No, urban farm is not an option. Urban plants are filters and de-contaminators, not a source of food.

  • VasilyKiryanov 1 year ago

    I guess the frame is rustfree. Besides, it's supposed to be looked after. Plants and all.

  • DemonVO 1 year ago

    increible perdida de tiempo

  • Kofi 1 year ago

    25 years from now rust bucket that will be unsafe to work on and will overgrown and be an unpleasant sight to seek

  • GanzLONDON 1 year ago

    When you start to accept ABSURDS like this humongously huge number of cars, the absence of a really decent public transport as well as a lack of bicycle infra-structure PEOPLE start to see "SOLUTIONS" that are nothing other than plain madness.

  • dightkuz 1 year ago

    reason why spain has financial issues is because of how the real estate market was affected by the global crisis.

  • DreamingWorlds 1 year ago