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Welcome to Sky Gardens! I’m your host, Linda Velazquez of Our new WebTV series explores the organic architecture of greenroofs and we’ll visit all kinds of different, exciting projects around the world. We’ll talk with the clients, designers, city officials, and industry experts involved in each project and get up on each living roof to see just how it looks and works. Were initiating our series highlighting greenroofs in the U.S., starting with one of my own designs here in Alpharetta, GA, at the beautiful and award-winning Rock Mill Park. Created for residents to enjoy as they walk or bike through the Big Creek Greenway, the city-owned park was designed to celebrate stormwater and educate visitors about its many low impact development best management practices, including The Greenroof Pavilion and Greenroof Trial Gardens. Related PostsSky Gardens – Greenroofs of the World: 4of4 – Rock Mill ParkMill City Grows School Gardens!The 6 Most Famous Vertical Gardens in the World | Green Buildings are a Breath of Fresh AirBeautiful Rooftop Gardens Around The WorldVertical Gardens at Hort Park, Singapore — Plant One On Me — Ep 131Incredible Vertical Gardens Around The World

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