Enjoy this free lesson on pump sizing from The Aquaponic Gardening Online Course taught by Sylvia Bernstein of The Aquaponic Source. For more information on this course please visit: www.
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Sizing your Pump for Aquaponics

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  • Affnan Aquaponics

    Hi Sylvia

    Why do you change the number of growbed and add another tank when it comes
    to siphon system. It will make the comparison not on same level. On siphon
    base normally for pump capacity I only look at how many siphon there and
    multiply the flow requirement of a siphon to number of siphon use and add
    abit for height. To get water to nurn over at least once per hour we just
    need to increase the number of growbed to match.?

  • Jonathan Darling

    How would the formula differ in a system using a siphon but no sump tank? I
    am building a 2000 gallon system divided into two 1000 gallon tanks each
    with separate 1000 gallon grow beds. Would would the formula for pump size
    differ without the use of a sump??

  • Roland Peltier

    Question: my expanded clay pellets are turning white. The system is new, is
    it just calcium build up from the water??

  • eperez112178

    you are a great instructor for someone slow like me haha. very clear and
    thorough. great job will be watching all your vids thanks!!!?

  • Robert Haney

    I have a question about the height. How do I know the head height? I
    haven’t set this up, but I’m looking at a 6′ tower garden. They will be
    sitting on top of about 6 inches of decline so water will run into a sump.
    The sump will sit approximately a foot below that. I plan on taking that
    water through a filter and then pump it back to the top of the tower. I’m
    doing a hydroponics set up, by the way. The hose will probably rest about
    2 inches above the tower drip nozzles. If I round up to the nearest foot,
    is my Head Height 8′ (7′ 8″ realistic distance)? Don’t I have to measure
    from the top of the sump water to the highest part of the hose? What
    happens if I have a hose running up, but then running another 10′
    horizontally with multiple nozzle sprayers? ?

  • Gerard Lionel

    Hi Sylvia, What is the disadvantage of routing the grow bed water return to
    the fish tank instead of the sump since it is filtered??

  • donald shinault

    I’m in Texas but I’m looking at Colorado. The areas I was looking seem to
    be in have
    turned out to have some serious drought conditions, although that may make
    a small piece of land affordable? I’ve got 2@275 gal totes & 6@55 gal
    barrels(cut long ways). I left I big tote & 1 barrel uncut. This is more
    food than I can eat so I hoped to
    barter or trade as I get going. I’d like free range chicken, goats too. And
    if it goes well, other clean raised animal meat too?!! Any ideas are
    welcomed. I’d like to be near some like minded folks. I’m sick & can’t eat
    this processed food anymore as is makes me sick to stomach. I don’t know
    what to expect but as I said, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Sincerely, Donnie/ aka digginya62@aol.com?

  • Jeff Sullivan

    On the timer system you said you only pump 40 gallons per hour into the GB.
    How does that cycle 100 gallons per hour in the fish tank? Seems like you
    would need 3 GBs to run a 15 minute cycle and cycle all the FT water.?

  • jedokahn

    I used to use timing in my bell siphon flood and drain, but heard turning
    the pump on and off reduces it’s life. I now run it constant, any cons to

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