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The advantages of hydroponics systems are cheap, healthy, delicious, clean, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits. Kids under 10 can easily do it easily DIY. This hydroponics information shows one type and one way to do it. This complete hydroponics grow tent kit is 12.5% the size of a commercial system unit that grows 400 plants per month. Our grows 50. Salad vegetables use more space and you’ll be able to grow fewer plants. Our kids 9 & 5 explain to you home hydroponics and how to do it. Two years later we are still at it. Hydroponics vegetables are practical. The girls usually enjoy a 99% germination rate. We usually start harvesting at three weeks. We normally harvest again at four weeks and five weeks. (Carefully take only the biggest growers.) We say harvest careful because you will be shocked at the crispness of hydroponic vegetables. FRAGILE! Standard procedure is simply harvest all at four weeks but that’s for commercial operations. This alternative farming is done in a very small yard in a big city alongside our hundreds of Plumeria trees, the biggest taller than 6 meters (nearly 20 feet tall). Sunlight is very limited but hydroponic gardening still works GREAT! And the kids eat up the hydroponic vegetables like they are cookies and ice cream. We bought this home hydroponics starter kit. We didn’t make it ourselves. The manufacturer gouges customers a bit. But they export all their vegetables to Europe so they are familiar with high standards and know what works. If you spend US.45 per day on vegetables (45 cents), then you can probably become profitable in a year — if you use this expensive hydroponics starter kit. We love it and it works great but it is very overpriced. You can do the same thing with cheap […]

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