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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: Sihlcity is a shopping mall in Zurich built on the grounds of a former paper mill near the Sihl River. Stretching over 100,000 square meters, Sihl City is one of Switzerland’s largest shopping and leisure complexes, and it’s covered in extensive greenroofs. Designed by architect Theo Hotz, it attracts 20,000 visitors a day offering a broad range of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, cultural events, a hotel, offices, and living spaces. Jakob Rope Systems participated in several facets of this landmark project. The eastern facade of the 8-story high parking garage was equipped with a green wall planned by Jakob AG, and the southern facade of the same building was covered with a stainless steel net across a large surface. With a height of 23 meters and a width of 25.5 meters, the sheer size and resulting loads made it impossible to apply standard solutions. Jakob designed the training systems in cooperation with Raderschall landscape architects and provided installation on site. The relatively wide-meshed training structure is formed by vertical and horizontal ropes of various thicknesses suspended at a distance of 70 cm in front of the facade. This allows plenty of growing space for the mainly Chinese wisteria and birthworts. The distribution of the rugged, custom steel spacers, mounted to the slabs of the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth floors, follows a clear-cut grid pattern. The same applies to the vertical ropes which matches the graphically strong aspect of the design. The striking living wall delivers an elegant aesthetic solution to the car park facade, as well as a number of advantages including providing: a sunscreen in the summer to help keep the car park cool; an additional layer of insulation during the winter; a level of […]

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