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In this video my friend Josh and I weld on the green roof trough that will be lined with a waterproof membrane and house the growing medium. What you see here will also be covered from the outside with a western red cedar fascia. The music was provided by; Jason Shaw of the titles are Rocky Top and Chasin it. I just love this guys work! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofShipping container conversion series video 16 (how to build a DIY green roof)Shipping container conversion series video 6 (cutting green roof metal)Green Revolution Series: Green RoofsShipping container house green roofOptigr

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  • leowoosh 1 year ago

    Hello! Did you get around to completing the green roof? I'm concerned that the original container roof won't safely hold all the weight of the growing medium. Did you weld any reinforcements for that?
    Congrats on a job well done. Cheers!

  • Conor Macleod 1 year ago

    This series is so good! So glad I found it.
    What's the black stuff you put on the weld?
    Can't believe how much work goes into it!

  • Gayle Posey 1 year ago

    When are you going to post more on this series?

  • Piter P 1 year ago

    Very good job.
    I'm planning to do a shipping container house and this kind of videos gives me a lot of ideas and tips.
    Thank you for share this videos.
    and sorry abouth my english.
    You've a new subscriber

  • thathalfthaiguy 1 year ago

    Great work! Looking forward to seeing it come together…. what was that black stuff you were spraying on the welds?

  • 09Outback 1 year ago

    MPGCWA – Multi Purpose Golf Cart Welding Apparatus!……..thanks for all the videos and sharing your ideas!