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So far this has been the most enjoyable and rewarding thing I have ever made as a maker…Well, besides Carys. I have always wanted to have a DIY sod roof so when I was designing the shipping container I figured this was my chance. It was also a good opportunity to have a green roof tutorial to share on my channel. If your curious about how I designed the green roof drainage, It is covered in our shipping container conversion series video 5 and 7. video 5; and video 7; Hori hori gardening tool, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel: FOLLOW: An old church and a group of farm buildings built in the traditional Icelandic way with turf walls and roofs with grass on top!! Oh and some impressive mountains in the distance. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofShipping container conversion series video 6 (cutting green roof metal)Shipping container conversion series video 7 (welding on the green roof trough)Green Revolution Series: Green RoofsShipping container house green roofOptigr

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  • Winter Star 1 year ago

    Wish these videos were easier to find, to watch in consecutive order more easily. This project is Amazing!

  • Korr Mc 1 year ago

    The beginning of this.. HAHAH yes

  • canna bis 1 year ago


  • JJ Gionet 1 year ago

    This looks awesome, I love how you layed out the roof shingles. Is there a particular name to this styl and do you just kind of wing it or is there a pattern to follow. Thanks, love your videos

  • Corns Ronald 1 year ago

    You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .

  • MrTeff 1 year ago

    Just wondering, how do you mow the grass?

  • MrTeff 1 year ago

    Best how-to video I've seen lately. Excellent videography and narration. Thank you for keeping it concise. And a double thank you for not adding music.

  • crosspecans 1 year ago

    why grass?? why not native growing stuff??

  • crosspecans 1 year ago

    1000 points for everything you did so well. one thing is put a tarp in truck before rocks and when you can pull it forward the rocks will dump into a buckt. well done on everything

  • Nate Auld 1 year ago

    Glad to have found your channel, this build is awesome.

  • Cheryl Henson 1 year ago

    great work!

  • Jakes_Woodworks 1 year ago

    Just binge watched this whole series. Love the build. Cant wait to see the rest of it!

  • KatR Fr 1 year ago

    So I agree with Dav Snow below. I actually wasn't planning to watch them all tonight, but I got a bit addicted. You do make it very easy to watch, listen and follow along to the end. I cannot wait to see the inside when you get it completed. I am totally amazed of the job that you did. I mean, of course along the way, you had some help here and there, but basically, you did this completely by yourself. I am also very impressed with your complete knowledge of a complete build on something like this. It reminds me of my dad. You know the saying Jack of all trade master of none, well, my dad was a jack of all trades and a master of all. It appears that you are as well. I am totally impressed and I just love how charming your work shop is looking next to your beautiful home. Great job!!

  • John Outdoors 1 year ago

    Really nice work. Enjoyed watching the whole series. Two thumbs up bro

  • Mohamed Islam 1 year ago

    waiting for the rest

  • Kylie DesChamp 1 year ago

    Loved loved loved the noises! :)

  • Cody Fetter 1 year ago

    it would also help to insolate and help prevent the sun from heating up the container great idea , artistic , functional and affordable

  • Debs Life 1 year ago

    You are very talented & I love how this is coming along. I remember when you were describing what you were going to do & I wasn't sure you'd be able to pull it off but you are. :)

  • Gayle Posey 1 year ago

    that's alot of lifting. lol

  • Gayle Posey 1 year ago

    just curious-did you consider a roof garden?