The canopies can be a valid accessory for the garden and for the windows of the house, as they give a very useful shading effect for any light point in the house, therefore to be placed near frames, both doors and windows. And so, even in the garden, it will guarantee a comfortable cover, also depending on the size chosen, for example, a comfortable canopy for the parking space or to protect the swing or a hammock. Whatever the use you intend to make of it, if you prefer a modern article perfectly resistant to atmospheric agents, we recommend a polycarbonate or stainless steel canopy, while the wooden ones have a decidedly elegant and almost retro aesthetic. Then, everything will also depend on the type of furniture and surrounding external accessories, to choose between an innovative style and a romantic one.

canopies in the garden

Different models of shelters. The external environment and climatic conditions are important in deciding the model and material of the shelter you want to install. of plastic derivation, they are more suitable for installation with wall fixing, as the load on the fixing bears less weight; wooden shelters require chemical treatments, as happens, for example, also for shutters, with protective products for wood and specific for exteriors. Another eco-sustainable variant of the shelters are those in aluminum with photovoltaic panel. As for the models, among the most common we have drop-down, semicircular, curved, cantilevered, soffit, liberty style, radial, etc. models. to satisfy the aesthetic and architectural tastes of any building.

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Shelters to decorate the garden. There are many contexts, even beyond domestic uses and your own garden, so it is useful to install canopies. Of course, it is very convenient to have shelter on the doorstep of your home or near windows and balconies, or to have a carport, a not insignificant comfort. If we pay attention, there is no shortage of shelters near public transport stops, commercial activities and even offices do not disdain covered entrances as a form of courtesy towards their customers: in fact, even the stalls of the shopping trolleys are frequently placed indoors. , under large canopies in plexiglass or polycarbonate. And also for the parking lots adjacent to the shops, cover is becoming more and more widespread through the use, for example, of sturdy and large steel shelters.

Aluminum photovoltaic canopies.When the useful choice of the assembly of shelters is necessary, whatever the intended use and the need, it is possible to marry the combination of utility – eco-sustainability, since there are models of shelters on the market of various shapes and materials (often those in aluminum) whose roof panel consists of a series of sheets equipped with photovoltaic cells, which, as is well known by now, have the ability to capture the sunlight and transform it into electricity. have a comfort and combine profit with a good “green” cause, so that you can also exploit solar energy for further benefits in your own home: electricity and hot water at very affordable prices. Each shelter will become an ecological support .


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