Shaker Heights HIgh School's Audrey Stout Learning Garden turned an ugly and ignored courtyard into a thriving flower and vegetable garden with an international theme.
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My chronicle of my indoor Tower Garden adventure! This Tower Garden is being grown for the ITSMeals in the Provo, Utah school system! Innovative program striving to educate young palates, share recipes, and share our story! See what they are doing here!

Instructions on how to grow indoors:

This Tower Garden is being grown indoors, direct seeded with Johnny’s Selected Seeds, grown with grow lights and the Tower Garden mineral blend.

The day after I planted it, I left for a 10 day vacation. When I returned, my plants had sprouted up beautifully with absolutely no care at all. The Tower Garden watered them on a schedule, fed them on a schedule, and gave them light on a schedule. Pretty cool!!

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Shaker Heights High School garden

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