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Produce more canopy faster using less space with the Sea of Green application and Smart Grow Systems vertical solutions. SGS GOLDENi 600 vertical frames and remote power systems reduce heat in the canopy, allowing growers to add more canopy levels in the same room. Learn more at Video Rating: / 5 Strawberries don’t grow vertically until now. I designed this vertical hanging grow system that can grow strawberries along a fence, on a wall, or in places you would otherwise not be able to grow something. We did it all for less than too! Aringel Mosquito patches: Related PostsIdeas for Green Walls and Vertical Gardens Urban GardeningVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsSGS VERTICAL SEA OF GREENVertical Sea of Green Cannabis FarmingLa Calahorra Green Wall – Project of the Week 9/14/15Vertical Hydroponic Lettuce Experiment Week 5 – HydroVert farms


Vertical farming


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  • Joshua Wilson 4 months ago

    Hello, love all of the videos. I cant see to find an answer for my question anyplace. Maybe yo can help. I will be groing 300 strawberry plants this season in vertical hydro towers. Everbearing and june bearing. How do I keep and store my rootstock at the end of my season for next season? Thank you

  • David Avard 4 months ago

    One thing you did, but didn't mention, is melting the end of the ropes to keep them from fraying (obvious from the brown ends of the ropes). I also don't understand why you didn't make the pipes 40" long. That way you aren't left with 12" of PVC pipe, and you'd only have to make 2 cuts.

  • zepguwl thistle 4 months ago

    a mix of clove and patchouli essential oils are great for keeping mosquito at bay

  • Charlie Maddox 4 months ago

    That appears to be a pvc drainage pipe (thinner wall, ribbing, and black interior). Cheaper than pressurized pvc but safe for potable water? Plus other high temperature questions. Much shorter eye bolts, possibly hooks would make more sense.

  • Margaret D 4 months ago

    How did you water them? With so little soil, I'd think they'd dry out quickly and the idea of having to hand water every day seems labor intensive. Did you hook up a drip system on a timer or something?

  • Don Payson 4 months ago

    Length of chain and some S hooks would've been easier

  • Michael Hill 4 months ago

    There are several types of pipes available that are food safe. Check for ANSI/NSF Standard 61 ratings for food and water safe PVC.

  • Donna Riggs 4 months ago

    love the intro I can almost hear the snap of the picking of the veg…great job love the info

  • Sherry 4 months ago

    Try coconut oil for the mosquitos–it works for our Maryland mosquitos.  It also soothes after you've been bitten (in case you forget to put some on before you go out)

  • Fanny Buster 4 months ago

    You could use rain guttering to grow strawberries from

  • Exquizite USA 4 months ago

    Hello, in case anyone is looking to buy the mosquito patches, here is a discount code that gives you 25% off: CITROL25. The link is the same as provided by MIGardener:

  • TheAmazingJimmy 4 months ago

    I would do some basil and other herbs too.

  • TheMurlocKeeper 4 months ago

    Know what would be better than dealing with rope? Use chain! You can count the links to make sure it's even, and even if you use plastic chain, it's really tough, yet easy to cut.
    Just a suggestion for next time, or anyone else out there.
    I think I will be making one of these come Spring! (I'm in Australia, so it's just on the end of Winter still)

  • Dolly Perry 4 months ago

    I would like to know how you will Winter these. I want to do it…but someone told me that they lost their entire strawberry planter to the Winter. Will you put them in the ground or cover with straw? I'd like to have a plan in place before I build one.

  • Gomez l Addams 4 months ago

    I used to see you almost everyday, then I got ill from other people's chemicals. I lost you for almost a year and now I'm back and just you walking through that yard I want to say wow! I haven't even got to watch the video but everything just looks awesome and what a great beginning you have I can see your channel has just gotten better and better I really missed this I don't know if you stayed on a plant-based diet I don't know anything you could have triplets for all I know LOL I'm just so glad to have found you again. Even though the season is almost over and I have crappy neighbors that pour Drano on my head while I'm out on my deck that used to grow a hundred and thirty pounds of potatoes every year on a little deck I had so much food for juicing and eating and now it's just my blueberries that are almost dying because I can't even go out and water without being attacked it's a long story not for here so I guess I did say a lot of it already. I'm just glad I found you again and I can hardly wait to catch up I have a good luck tomorrow it is 5 in the morning and I have not gone to sleep yet and I really need to get a little bit in. Take care glad you're still around!

  • John Hessler 4 months ago

    I have found that 6" and larger pipe sizes can be sourced at local commercial suppliers (that will also sell to public)

  • John Hessler 4 months ago

    Quick Note on using hole saws on pvc: Run the drill backwards; The friction will cut through the pvc. It also leaves a clean hole.

  • PrettyAliceMoon 4 months ago

    Great video. I’ve been thinking of doing a strawberry crate tower but this is a cool idea too. My worries are mainly about watering, nutrients and the plants surviving the winter. Also I have a metal fence and I’d have to attach it some other way and I don’t know what that would be.