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Just wanted to take some time to talk more about this, “clawing” issue. Related PostsSFVOG Vertical Grow #2 at Site BEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsVertical Squash: Their Starting to Grow and Climb!Vertical Aeroponic Gardening – Grow food on your apartment balcony | Thorben Linneberg | FutureMEDickson Despommier On Vertical Farming


Vertical farming


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  • Dr. FunkFlower 1 year ago

    You stated that the taller the plant got it started to curl. How far are your fans,and do they oscillate or still? It could possibly be a wind burn as well,just a thought. Good growing…✌

  • shawn jackett 1 year ago

    heat stress maybe? what's the temps at the at the plant tops acting retarded?

  • West Coast Grow 1 year ago

    Seems like the leaves are trying to bend according to the light, agreed. In my last grow in my 4×4, i had some leaf curl only on the very edges of the scrog, but ones in the center had no clawing at all. So it is more likely a light related curl.

  • Jesus 1 year ago

    Im getting "clawing" and I am pretty damn sure its from my light being to close.

  • Dontsurf 805 1 year ago

    how far are you lights spaced apart and how far are you plants started from the light?  Where is the video for day 60?

  • jcmnica2007 1 year ago

    cal mag as N 2 it makes plants claw especially in coco try nector of the gods calcium mag supplent no N in that formula.

  • Evergreen420ed 1 year ago

    are you using CalMag?

  • DonnieBigBucks 1 year ago

    Agreed, clawing on vertically grown plants is generally phototropism in my opinion.

  • Tony Touch 1 year ago

    i think if you covered the top even with white or mylar you would have got more of that light back onto the plants and not lost on the roof

  • trichometrist1 1 year ago

    The room seems 5 brighter

  • Steven Gerard 1 year ago

    isn't it just the leaf blades angling themselves towards the light?

  • Cannaseur Genetics 1 year ago

    Imo it has to be some.kind.of environmental factor. Light,Co2 or something. Your feeds in coco are pretty dialed in. Probably a good decision though to be safe and flush if you have been daisy chaining more than normal.

  • daman00912 1 year ago

    That looks Fucken Amazing how could anyone hate on this Dudes grow OMFG as a side note my cherry pies Claw some times usually from over feeding in my opinion

  • Notgettingmyname 1 year ago

    I dont think its nitrogen toxicity,Ive seen this before. I believe it has more to do with the vert setup and the way the plants transpire water. With traditional overhead lighting the leaves sweat off the water evenly, but with vert the tops of the branches dont get enough direct light so there is an imbalance with how much water they can transpire and it causes the leaves to claw like that. The animal cookies top vs mid sections displays it pretty well as you mentioned

  • AkMedMan1 1 year ago

    The big Canadian vertical bulb cea grows I've seen don't seem to have the clawing issues.

  • JRN2222 1 year ago

    And just like to note that "yellowing off" doesn't happen.. Outdoors in a natural environment only a few leaves turn yellow out of thousands. In indoor contained root environment yellowing is due to salt build up causing ph issues and hot spots. Its a health issue not a natural occurrence.

  • JRN2222 1 year ago

    I think the downward canoeing has something to do with heat from open bulbs coupled with lots of air (fans) blowing around the plants. Imo seems like the prob gets worse near fan direction.

  • agabla 1 year ago

    animal cookies lookin fire

  • Professorgreenthumb 1 year ago

    This generally happens to me with too much cal mag supplement from botanicare. I wish they would make a phosphorous based cal mag supplement instead of a nitrogen based supplement