**SFE Webinar: Potential Applications of Prescribed Burn Associations for Family Forest Landowners**

A Southern Fire Exchange fire science webinar with Nick Biemiller, Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society.


Host Institutions: Southern Fire Exchange, Ruffed Grouse Society – American Woodcock Society, Southeastern Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS), Joint Fire Science Program, and the University of Florida.

Webinar Summary:
Prescribed burn associations (PBAs) are cooperative units of private landowners that pool resources to achieve scale that allows them to overcome barriers to prescribed burning. PBAs are currently most common among ranchers in the Great Plains to manage grasslands, however there is growing interest in the replication of PBAs to the application of family forest landowners in the eastern and western United States. This study identified major structural themes associated with PBAs in the United States and analyzed interactions between those themes using a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis framework. The interactions between PBA structural themes were contextualized based on biophysical, socioeconomic, and demographic differences between ranchers in the Midwest and family forest landowners elsewhere in the country, providing insight for practitioners and policy-makers to improve strategic planning for PBA expansion and replication.


Originally recorded March 2021.

Hosted By:
David R. Godwin, Southern Fire Exchange, University of Florida.

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Download the webinar presentation slides here (pdf): Coming Soon

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“Land grabbing” in Romania is a problem. Large areas of arable land are falling into the hands of major foreign investors, at the expense of local people.

So-called land grabbing, buying up large areas of agricultural land, is no longer just a phenomenon in Africa or Latin America – it is a topic around the world. Countries in Eastern Europe are also increasingly affected. The documentary looks at the people affected by large-scale land acquisitions. A change to the law in 2014 has made Romania’s pastures and arable land highly attractive to foreign investors, from Europe and around the world. Buying agricultural land brings in big EU farming subsidies. And when farming no longer pays off for domestic smallholders, they feel forced to sell their holdings. It’s turned into a kind of mass fire sale. But in many cases of land grabbing, the land isn’t used for agricultural purposes. Pasture and arable land is left fallow, or it goes into private ownership. And local farmers and people are paying a heavy price. Monoculture is destroying biodiversity and cheap agricultural products from abroad are wrecking the country’s domestic markets. The land is being pulled from under the feet of an entire generation of Romanian farmers. But a group is keen to mobilize Romania’s five million small-scale farmers to oppose land grabbing in the country.

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SFE Webinar: Potential Applications of Prescribed Burn Associations for Family Forest Landowners

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  • jim parsit

    The EU is an elite unit of Europeans. rich nation will grab good resources of the poor nation under the corruption of politicians. That is why the EU is falling from grace. It will never offer a fair share to the poor nation. EEC should get together as their own Union. Money, power, and sex are all the evils after and show up everywhere around the world. Land should not for sale or owned by private. China learns that and keeps it for the all. The land is the place for all lay under at the end.

  • Miles Atkinson

    The tone of this video is so absurd. It’s like they’d rather people suffer in rural poverty than have anyone benefit from the land being put to productive use. There’s a reason Romanians rose up and executed the leader who condemned them for decades to a life of sheep herding and communist drudgery while other Europeans were living a modern life.

  • Arsalan Shah

    I do not like the attitude of that software engineer 9:26. The way he looks towards that old lady who was greeting him when he arrives at his car. It seems like he is an arrogant man with little respect for the poor. Btw I am in love with Romanian landscape beauty ❤️❤️

  • Rick Wakelin

    Taking away the local peoples land and livelihoods is not right just because he can just like the nazis, take what they can and fuck everybody else

  • Fernando Dayrit

    private land owner collect much your goverment.1000 euro per hectar per year so that no one can aford due to big tax.and govt suport to small farmers.just reform is best solution.no foreign buyer policy. and add more jobs from goverment.they accufy wide land does not put plant. what happen to small farmers if rich getting 100 300 hectars then still waiting plant.we need to grow trees to cure climate change.fernando dayrit jr .philippines.

  • Fernando Dayrit

    unused land why the goverment makes project for tree planting activity to cure our climate change problem.open jobs to pilipinos mostly to seniors until romania green and back to forest land.fernando dayrit jr.phil.

  • GreenCare

    Wtf??? Disturbed by sheeps? Romanians are shepherds par excellence, go back in your country and do this type of snobbish tourism my friend…We are simple people and we are happy without your business.
    Aaaah, and btw, pay respects to sheperds because you never know what hit you in the head. God bless you!

  • Killme Madame

    the purpose of collective farming is to fight against the land grabbers!
    its really simple, small farmers cant fight land grabbers alone so they band together to so they can use their collective land to sustain their way of life and improve it.
    as families grow some children (who were given education by the collective) will decide to work other jobs and live the land for their siblings and neighbors.
    the collectivization of the soviet era was forced because of fears over low production but in places like south asia, south america and west africa there have been voluntary collective and co operative farms which are being fought by the government and multinationals.
    romanian peasants dont allow the germans to demonize the only weapon you have against their exploitation.

  • always learning

    Total idiots.l!!
    The Gov' should do something.Look what these monocrop rapists have done from the US to Argentina.It's a crime against humanity!!
    Disgusting that we still carry on down this stupid road of destruction and profit over natural resources when we've seen what it does.A way of live that has been sustainable for thousands or years is now destroyed in a flash.This is total stupidly!!

  • 4Tech

    Sadly for us, we were so poor after communism that if EU corporations didn't bought our land , we would 100% sell it to russians or chinese .
    EU may be at fault but we did it ourselves and it doesn't mean EU it's all bad. There is a lot that EU did right in Romania , just not in agricultural sector.
    We actually have a sister country, Rep. of Moldova, that show just how Romania would look like if the mafia from the 90' without any checks would still run this country. Terrible, terrible corruption with no area of the country allowed to prosper.

    EU system just needs to be fixed, it doesn't mean should be destroyed.

  • Dillon

    Subsidies are bullshit as are minimum wage laws. If a business can't make it without government support, it either has a major business model issue, or isn't a worthwhile endeavor. Minimum wage laws are the same. Raising a minimum wage quickly results in the new wage having the same purchase power as the old wage unless price controls are attached to the policy. No government policy will ever be as efficient and fair as supply and demand.