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Have Questions about Growing Cannabis? Contact our 24hr Hotline and We’ll Help You Out! Click Here to Contact: For more how-to Grow Videos visit Complete Cannabis Growing Starter Kits Available Here: What’s up Cannabis Growers, My name is dylan and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown. So today I’ve got the Mini Indoor Starter Kit from the GreenBox Grown site and am going to be showing you guys how to put it together and set it up in your house. I’ll be growing in my bedroom so that is where I am setting up my tent, and I also have a few items Ive added here that aren’t included in the starter kit itself, so just a heads up there. From this video I’m hoping to show you guys how easy it is to set up your Indoor Cannabis Grow tent, and how it requires very little space. Before we get started I would also like to mention we have a 24/7 grow hotline which you can text into with pictures and any questions about your cannabis plants and one of our grow experts will respond as soon as possible with an answer to help you out. And the number that you need to text is down below in the description so be sure to check that out after the video. Alright lets get started by checking out all the equipment I’ll be using in this tent. All right.  So here we are with all the supplies laid out that I’m going to be using for this grow.  And I guess I’ll just start off going from left to right.  You see I have the fans here, I’ve got two of them.  This one will be oscillating and then this will be hanging up high […]

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  • GAMBLIN 1 year ago

    No exhaust??

  • Tom Lowe 1 year ago

    Customer service for cannabis, the future is crazy

  • Roaminz 1 year ago

    all your gonna get with that light is popcorn bud waste of time no?

  • Kitchen Everything 1 year ago

    Good evening, I have a question or two I'm hoping to get some assistance with. what size text, & led would you recommend for 4-5 . 3 gallon fabric pots ? also for the carbon filter. If I don't have a window nor vent to attach it to, what alternative would you suggest ? If you can guide me, I'd really appreciate it, thank you in advance.

  • Dylan Tassone 1 year ago

    No filter? Or fresh air intake i thought that was crucial

  • BRIAN RIDDELL 1 year ago

    Not no filter wtf wow bad info dud

  • Ma DaxX 1 year ago

    I liked that GrowBoss music you had playing while you were showing the after set-up. Nice!

  • U.S Infantry HOOAH! 1 year ago

    Do you offer a 2×2 tent?

  • mancave THEATER 1 year ago

    I'm having a issue with hanging the light. I have ties

  • DannyDanko 1 year ago

    24/7 hotline for weed plants is cool as shit xD

  • Tiffany Thompson 1 year ago

    Is a 1000 hps light too much for the 2×4 I wanna do 5 plants

  • lejoe48 1 year ago

    nice vid, maybe too schematic

  • 12Inch Rasta Spliff 1 year ago

    Where the fuck is ur airflow and filter system

  • Renaud Godin 1 year ago

    like your video, what about the vent for air in and out

  • CyberHumor 1 year ago

    @GreenBox Grown Can i grow my plants in my closet? i mean.. i dont have grow box.. and im at day 3 allready since i germinated my seeds.

  • Dylan Floyd 1 year ago

    Ur a pimp my name is dylan to

  • John Lewis 1 year ago

    What is a good Autoflower to grow

  • Bluenose81 Huskys 1 year ago


    How much did u get approx weight with that tent mate?

  • Dual Cooper 1 year ago

    I’m using this size tent and putting it in the closet is it possible to fit a carbon filter in there and if so can I just have it vent in the closet, I don’t have a place to exhaust it like a window or the attic

  • 9 urmoney 1 year ago

    I would just suggest a newer light. My Mars worked good but now the new led quantum boards would blow it up..I also understand this video is a year old.

  • Davin Gopaul 1 year ago

    can we grow weed using this??