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The hilarious Seth Rogen joins us to talk about his current and upcoming projects. He also shows us how to roll the perfect cross joint while Snoop reveals the origin of “The Chronic”. All this and more on this week’s GGN… ufunkybitchu!!! Get your special “Game of Cones” Tee from GGN today! Only available for 10 days! Follow Snoop online! Tweets by SnoopDogg Dont Forget To Subscribe! Director: John Mazyck Executive Producer: Ian Mallitz Director of Photography: Braden Duemmler Producer: Ron Alvarez Editor: John Mazyck Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHide-and-Eek! | Mii NewsSeth RulandIndependence Blue Cross Living Wall – Project of the Week 8/28/17Seth Avalos Senior PresentationI Grow Chronic! 1of9 (Marijuana hydroponic grow room setup)I Grow Chronic! Cannabis Hydro Cultivation

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  • K Haigh 1 month ago

    I appreciate this its dope

  • KeatVlogs 1 month ago

    god dammit seths laugh

  • Elliot Ure 1 month ago

    Damn he’s young

  • Tiny Titan 1 month ago

    Best 19 minutes and 26 seconds of my life

  • Rudy Stucker 1 month ago

    8:14 had me crying

  • Jasz92 1 month ago

    I wish I could smoke again, damn drug tests.

  • Joe Euphoria 1 month ago

    Snoop needs to smoke with customgrow420 – omg imagine lol

  • Submariner Gang 1 month ago

    His laugh is so fucking annoying bastard

  • Jack Xu 1 month ago

    the intro, man,, hahhaha classic

  • Oxi Nigga 1 month ago

    At the beginning i thought my phone was acting up

  • Gromish 1 month ago

    10 mils?
    You did it big uncle Snoop!

  • effortlessGFX 1 month ago

    “What’s your favourite strain of weed?”

  • Raziel Talos 1 month ago

    is this a regular thing lol this was hilarious, id totally watch them doing a talk show

  • jordan 1 month ago


  • Noah Thompson 1 month ago

    Way to make Seth Rogans laugh so annoying

  • conspiracy stoner 1 month ago

    Cool vid lol they look that baked they could see the shit in ma vids lol …. anyway from a stoner of 20 years wish I could buy weed from a shop you lucky guys in usa I am in uk and still illegal uk need to wake up and c how good the herb is for pain and other illness