A bit different way to trellis cucumbers and squash. This is my first year trying this method. The concept and equipment are the same as I use to trellis my tomatoes.
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Pumpkins grow on trellis in small garden

See how to direct pumpkin vines onto two bars trellis. Pumpkin vines can be organized and neat while still vivid and productive. Great for small garden.
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Set up a Leaning Trellis for Cucumbers & Squash

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  • Amy Khiry

    Hi Keith
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  • TxJulieMango

    This is awesome, I found your channel looking for trellis ideas. What kind of squash will you be growing? I'm growing sugar baby watermelons.
    I love your channel, new subscriber

  • David LeDoux

    I like this system a lot and am trying to figure out how to incorporate your conduit top bars with my t-post supports. Would you happen to know if the elbows you have are available as reducers, so to speak? One end large enough to fit over the t-post top (not sure what size that would be) and the other sized for the conduit. Looking forward to your updates on how this new trellising works out for you. Thanks for a great video!

  • Haley Costner

    Do i need to prune off side vines even if thet have female flowers? Mine are shooting out female flowers from all the side vines and i just cany prune them..

  • PH Low

    Thanks for the many informative planting videos. However , there is one question I would like to ask regarding climbing vines on your string trellis. Do you trim all the main and side vines after they reach the top of the trellis? Will really appreciate a reply as I am planting cucumber and bitter gourd plants and recently pumpkins

  • Star Wars x EXO Collab

    Thank you for this a surprising pumpkin vine start sprouting in my small garden and this will help me to maintain it without the need to get rid of it so thank you very much, this is the only video in YouTube that actually show you how to attached the vine in the trellis.

  • Phuong Tran

    I always be squash vine borer destroyed my vines when they got many fruits. Do your vines be like mine ? And how do you treatment ? If you plant the vines too thick, do they got many worms ?

  • Limei Wang


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