Set of 2 Large Adjustable Deck & Railing Planters with Dan Hughes

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Concrete Planters and Fences reinforced using basalt. Techniques introduced by Monolithic Constructors, Inc. in Italy, Texas. Popular for constructing dome homes made of concrete, visit the Monolithic website at

Set of 2 Large Adjustable Deck & Railing Planters with Dan Hughes

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  • Ray Lanier

    Do you do anything speacial for the base. I saw you dug out a trench at the bottow of the form and i thought you would fill it with cement but it looked like you just filled with dirt again.

  • Dennis Miles

    The fence would be more beautiful is shaped in smooth curves like the serpentine one brick wide fences designed by Jefferson at Monticello.  Your flat panels look like plywood. Toro De Tor, is right. Show us you aren't imitating a plywood panel make the shapes of the planters and fence smoothly rounded and curves.  You have a flexible framework in basalt, work with its uniqueness… 

  • Toro De Tor

    Don't know about your fancy "basalt-reinforcing", but your idea of creating a flowerpot, or a fence is certainly very distastefull. It has plain flat surfaces and sharp edges … can't you be a bit more creative ?
    Its weird how some poeple seem to be able to make a living by selling crap ! 

  • Adamantine

    No eye protection (well, one guy had some one, but the rest were protecting their ball caps with theirs), no hearing protection, no respirators…. wow. Safety = last. The crew will be deaf, blind, and living on ventilators in no time, but yes, those are very nice planters.

  • GreningerProductions

    Watching that guy work and knowing the issues with pressurized concrete machines, I got to thinking how about how I could invent a silicone rubber concrete auger that could simply be flexed to remove dry concrete. Just a thought probably a limited market too.

  • Monolithic Dome

    Yes. We build lots of 10' sheds using Ecoshell technology. We inflate a small Airform (basically a reinforced balloon) then we reinforce it with rebar or baslt, and finally spray the outside with concrete. When the concrete is dry, we can remove the Airform and store it for later use. Read more on our website, Monolithic.

  • 1timby

    Could this be used to create a concrete out building to store yard tools & lawn mowers? Say 8'x 10' with a Shed roof all in concrete. Can this be made to be water proof?